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Saturday, July 31, 2010


The Llama is not my favorite animal, but however there are many around here, so we just get used to them.

Our one neighbor we thought had two llamas, but this year we counted 14 in the field, hmmm wonder how that happened. Not as bad as another neighbor who hides hers away from any roads, she prolly has a couple hundred. She used to shave them and spin their wool, not so much anymore, too many. We also have another neighbor who has 1 in with his cow herd. I guess that's the only guaranteed way of staying at one.

Anyhow on my way home today the Llamas where standing on the banks of the dugouts just watching. Not sure what they were watching for, but watching none the less.

So seeing as its the long weekend, I did the tourist thing and stopped on the side of the road (in an approach, I cant stand it when people just stop in the middle of the road) and took some pictures of the llamas. Woulda been more touristy if I didn't turn 1/2 mile from there I guess.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little of everything

Yesterday I headed up to Red Deer to watch the AQHA show up there. Of course I never took any pictures, but Jardi and little Charlene were competing in the NRHA reining they had there. Wow Charlene did so good for it being her first time showing in reining. Granted she was the only one in her class, but even not counting marks, she was amazing, just did what she was supposed to, I'm pretty proud of her. Jardi however, first class she went off pattern (oops) and the second class Shaken got stuck at his spins. But he was hot and tired, and he really hasn't been ridden much this summer, but today and tomorrow I'm sure he'll be better. He seems better earlier in the day. So this is just a jumble of pics I been wanting to share, but never got to, till today:)

The morning we were going to the grazing school I walked outside and I seen a full moon. I thought I should get a picture of it cause I obviously missed it the night before. Well, I think I should take moon pictures in the daytime all the time, cause wow is is ever easier to get a clear picture.

Oh and I had to share this cute pic of Dinero, I actually have it as my desktop so I get to see it all the time

And a real pretty sunset one evening here, although not as pretty as ones in New Mexico or Creston or Oregon apparently, but I am trying

A real cute pic of Shaken looking over his stall, he liked that stall he could stick his head over

And some pictures of Fly because again I cant believe how big he is! I have to look twice when they are in the pasture cause he looks like a grown horse out there.

And from the front, he is going to be one big boy!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Womens Grazing School part 2

The second day of grazing school was even better than the first if possible. There was so much to learn and so little time.
The farm we were staying at raised wild boars. I worked at a place that raised them and did not like them, not even to eat, but I guess they are a specialty food, so someone must like them.

They had a four foot fence and a hot wire at the top and bottom, one to keep them from rooting, and the other to keep them from climbing over.

There was also a stock dog demonstration, first a border collie and she was good, but more arena/trail like, but very well trained, she could put the dog wherever she wanted her, kinda neat

Then this mixed breed dog (border collie, Australian heading dog and something else) and he was still learning, but a totally different type of working dog

There was also a talk on distributing your cows in the fields better, and a demo on electric fencing

Cant wait to go again next year, and yes I went with CCC, we always have great time!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Womens Grazing School

The last two days I spent at Milo at a womens grazing school. I have been before, but this was the best one yet. I learn something new everytime I go. This year I have seen 3 plants I never knew excisted.
One was the Owl-Clover:

And another was winterfat, which is simmilar to sage, but more palatable. The third was called wild begonia, not sure if it has a other name, but it sure was pretty:

There was a range id course and a test, There were lots who got 100% on the test, so they drew names and the winner got a perrenial planter (yes I got 100% too!)

We billeted out at a very nice couples place and they had a georgeous yard and these pretty flowers in it.

We made smores

And more smores

at the campfire social after supper at the place we billeted

This is the nice room I got to stay in, the bed was sooo comfortable and the pillows soft. So much nicer than camping.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Many colors of Alfalfa

While I was out cutting Hay the other day, I was noticing how many different colors of Alfalfa there are

From the dark purple flowers

To the white ones

And yellow ones, not sure why these didn't show up right, they were almost a school bus yellow color

And of course blue ones

and then these cool ones which are two or three different colors on one plant

Okay well I'm off to grazing school for two day, so excited about it, should learn some fun new stuff, and remember some stuff I knew from before.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Update

Well time for more baby pictures!!
First off, the header picture, lol, Belle and Razz were eating and Jamaica always has to be in the middle of something, so he just pushes his way in and stands there while they are trying to eat. It was so funny, he just stood there till they left then he left too. This is last week when he had to get in the middle too

I went and sat in the shed to get some pictures, but that didn't last long as soon I had Razz following me in wondering what I was doing

Although I did get a good picture of the Fly first

And these two being silly

I didn't get as many pictures of Jazz, as I was busy petting her, she sure likes her butt getting scratched. I almost got Jamaica brave enough to come over for pets, but its not as easy because Belle is suspicious when i get that close, so I cant use her as a helper, like Razz.

Today I went out and Bailey and Dinero had locked themselves in the corral and so I put George in with the mares and watched him a while and I don't think there will be any problems, here he is with Belle

And with Razz

And Gypsy isn't sure whether to chase him away (which she does most of the time), or to get near him cause shes in heat now, bu when he got closer to Fly than her, George was out of there, I think it will be all fine.

The size difference between Fly and Jazz is too funny, he is way bigger than her

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Stills

This weeks Sunday Stills was the rule of thirds, not sure I understand this completly, but this is what I came up with.

This is Jardi riding her stallion Tangle

And a reining mare Fancy looking for her supper

For more go to Sunday Stills

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pony Pictures

While I was down at the arena in the Hoodoos, I took a lot of pictures. There were horses that live there too, not sure what they did with them, or who they belonged to, but I took some pictures of them as well. I like to take pictures on sunny days of horses.
I like the way this shed was spit between two pastures

These two would just stand still, then run off as fast as they could to the other side of the pasture. They did it over and over again, it was kinda fun to watch.

I thought this Paint was really pretty

And he had a neat brand

This bay was pretty, but didn't want to look at me

I thought I could get a cool pic of this grey sticking her head out the barn door, but it didn't work as well as I imagined, too light in the barn I think

And one last Picture of my Bailey running across the pasture when she thought I was leaving her behind