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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2017 Sedgewick Cutter Rally

I had never been to Sedgewick before, it's just down the road 10k from Killam and I had been there but never East.  But I know how far it was and they had a cutter rally and so I thought I'd go.  It was a nice day, not a lot of snow left here but they are north and so I figured a bit more there an no one said anything about it cancelled so off I went.

Kinda  a boring straight road up there, its straight north of here so 2 hours of the same old same old.  Eventually get into a few more trees and not too far north is all farm land so just keep looking out for cows and horses and its keeps it sorta interesting.  Said registration at 11 and hooking up at 11:30 and parade at noon.  Wasn't sure what that was about but figured I'd best get there at 11.  So I did and I saddled Jess then registered and they give everyone a number that we had to attach and I clipped mine to the breastcollar and it actually stayed put well.

Seemed like it took forever for everyone to get ready to go and they all had a practice run around the parking lot area and finally time to go.  We figured as riders we would be in the back and so we waited.  I guess they have spectators and so we made 2 laps around the track in a parade for them then headed out on the trail.  It was a bit different than most years cause the cutters need to stay on the snow so they made a different trail wherever there was snow.

When we got done the girls I was riding with decided I drove too far for that short ride so we took a tour through the parking lot and out by the new town office and the shops and the driving range.  Not too many cutter rallies do we end up on the road but it was good.  The one girls horse hadn't seen cutters or bells before and so he was a bit worried but calmed down as soon as we went the other way.   So perfect end for him too.

They had awards/prizes and lunch afterwards and I got the prize for being farthest away lol.  It was a bag of oats, last thing I need but I will use it.  Totally plan on going there again next year.  Maybe with Jax and skis for his cart.


Mrs Shoes said...

I've had mixed experiences with going to events of these kinds - this area is not very welcoming to newcomers (we have lived here for nearly a decade, but we are still 'those new people from AB').

Shirley said...

That would be fun to take Jax- maybe you can harness break Pally and have a team!