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Monday, February 13, 2017

Srapbooking Weekend

ON the 3-5th we headed up to Sundre for our annual scrapbooking retreat.  Its always a fun time and somewhat productive as well.  This year I was so behind I don't even know where I was so I figured I would just start with the beginning of 2016.  Of course had no pics printed but luckily Walmart online is back up and running.  So I used that and it worked really well.  Armed with 500 pictures I was ready to go.

I never did finish them all like I was hoping :(  But got about half of them, a couple months worth.  Its fun looking back on the memories we made.Now I'm trying to go through the rest of the year and finish up printing them so I am ready next time.  There was 9 of us this year was a nice amount.  And back to Rustlers who have such great food and so much of it!  And the pool and hot tub are a great reason to go there.  And nothing like eating around the pool.

They had a sewer back up last fall and because its a bed and breakfast that means they had to throw out everything.  They have got it back to its framed in walls now but what a pain.  We like going there best cause they have everything under one roof.  And large windows around the conference room that we could watch the snow fall on the pines, so pretty.
(I got to share a room with my great aunt nice cause we don't see her often. 
 I warned her about the pic ans she was fine with it :))

I took a long time to post cause I ended up with a chlorine burn and a few others did too, nothing major just felt like an itchy sunburn but we figured she should know first.  She was pretty concerned and had the pool guys out to make sure everything was OK and it is now.  Even went swimming last Tuesday and it didn't bother me except just getting in the hot tub but I'm good now.


TeresaA said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

4RRanch said...

500 pictures!? I am amazed you finished with half of them.