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Monday, February 27, 2017

OH Easy

Well I hauled Jess and Easy over and picked up a friend and her horse and headed to Michelson's on Saturday.  Rode Jess first and she rode her colt.  She's been working in the round pen then out to the big pen and she asked us to help keep her filly to the outside cause she doesn't have much steering yet.  One way shes really good the other she just wants to move in.  Jess wasn't overly enthusiastic about this she was OK right beside her but didn't want to bump her to get her to the outside.  But she tried.  Which made me laugh cause she has the grouchy ears down pat, but again she's all show lol.  Easy was actually not too bad tied in there and I thought we were making progress.  I rode him after and she cooled out Jess who is a giant after a 2 year old lol.  He was good we even loped a couple laps with his tiny rocking horse lope.  Haha he's so funny.

Then thought might as well go Sunday too so we did.  I left the horses at her place overnight and so went and picked up everyone and headed to the arena. I rode Easy first and he was good and then we thought he should help with the colt well he did not think that was a good idea and tried to kick out at her, not allowed ever!  So I gave him a big thump in the ribs with my spur and he hardly even moved.  But never tried that again and the colt actually stayed away from him lol.  Then it was Jess turn and when I tied him up he was being silly again and I just been ignoring it.  I was almost done thinking I should grab Easy and try ponying him in the arena for a bit.  Well before I got the chance he reared up and got his foot over the kick boards and stuck.  Oh crap!  I leaped of Jess and ran over there.  He tried getting it out and was tired actually sitting on his butt foot still stuck.  I tried to help but I can't lift him out.  He jumped up and got himself out, whew.  Heart attack moment.  He was pretty sore and figured we maybe should take him to get looked at just in case.

So we loaded up, called the vet clinic and she met us there.  He was walking a little better but still pretty sore.  He was already swollen under the armpit and a couple scrapes on his leg.  She said he looked like hes gonna be OK but watch him for extra swelling especially in the lower leg.  She gave him a long acting antibiotic (excenell, which I never knew they used for horses we have used it on cows tho) and a shot of Methocarbamol (which is a muscle relaxant like robaxacet) and shot of bute for pain.  Oh and she washed his leg and clipped around the scratches and put ointment on them.  She sent me home with 4 days of oral bute (apple flavor lol)  and a day of oral methocabamol.   And of course on a Sunday...seriously horses why not a weekday???

I finally got home last night at 10:30 and I was exhausted.  Didn't sleep very well but this morning the swelling under armpit is pretty much gone, no heat and he's walking good. There is a little swelling at fetlock but that's where he was caught so not a surprise.  I gave him his drugs and he was good about them.  He is supposed to be off 7 days so there's 1.  I may not do 5 days of bute will see how it goes.  I don't like to give more than he needs.  Maybe try pony him at a walk Friday or Saturday.

This puts me behind but what do I do.  I don't know what to do with him now.  I may just have to pony him and then ride him and pony Jess on opposite days.  They are both broke so that will work easier than trying to haul 3 so he has someone to stand beside.  I have no idea what to do to help him either.  It sucks.


Ruth said...

Its so scary when horses get themselves in situations like that!!! Glad it wasn't too serious, and I hope the swelling stays down.

Mrs Shoes said...

Mr Shoes constantly underestimates the troubles horses can get themselves into - I told him, "Think FAIL ARMY..... Horses are often like that." Then he starts talking about the 'failed army horses who get injured on gum wrappers' & the conversation deteriorates from there... but he is cautious about everything again for a while, until the next thing that he'd never imagine a horse could do, happens & around & around we go. :-)

TeresaA said...

Ed is like Mr. Shoes. I tell him "think of what would be the stupidest thing that a horse could do and you will have it'

I am sorry that Easy was not easy! I'm sure he can learn to stand tied while other horses are working around him- after all they are right there! I don't suppose that he's used to hobbles?

Shirley said...

I was thinking about hobbles too,but since he is a show horse you might not want to risk getting him in a wreck learning to deal with hobbles. It's something that most cowboys used to teach their young horses but not many people do it any more.