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Friday, February 3, 2017

Busy Weekend

So all week been trying to meet up with friends and drop off her horse. Friday was kinda in the plan but it didn't work and was so nice out that I took Jess and went riding.  We rode in the North field and Razz was calling some.  I was thinking of bringing her and ponying her but her eye was a bit swollen and weeping so I figured I wouldn't.  Jess has a habit of trying to head home but she's sneaky about it she just slightly turns the way home so when she does I turn her 90* away from where she was.  It usually takes a couple times and then she just kinda accepts fate, silly girl.  I tried that one day after getting so frustrated and my arm was sore from pulling on her to keep her straight and trying to kick her straight that I just tried something different.  She still tries now and then but a lot less.  And I was so excited to put on my new stirrups cause my others were just worn out that I forgot I still had my winter boots on till I was on and so it was a ride with no stirrups, although the boots do fit it was just weird.

(found a flat bare spot had to lope)

(Got Neil to take a few pics after)

(One day he will get me smiling and my horses ears up)

(and the cat has to come visit)

(and climb on one shoulder of Neil and down the other)

(came back to see a jealous colt)

(and look at the pretty tail...and rump)

 Well finally Saturday and it worked for us both so away we went and since we were meeting we decided to ride too so went to the nearby arena and just rode.  I took Jess, the colt loaded perfectly again and off we went.  So nice to ride in an arena again, we just worked on basics again, and I am trying this year to get walk to lope transition but I am bad for kicking too hard and she goes into a gallop or not enough and she just trots.  And I can't do it too many times or she gets anticipating so we got it a few times and that was enough.  We rode pretty good and then cooled out bareback I wasnna get better so thats how I do it.  

(Afterwards there was not enough tie rings in the arena so I just left Jess loose
 and she just stood there like why are we not going???)

Then Sunday he was having a clinic and we debate on going cause its fun but so many times our horses are way broker and we know more than the rest so we end up hearing a lot and he talks a lot so we get bored but he said he'd help get a first ride on the colt so we went and it was a lot like that but was good as well.  I took Jess and he knows shes broke so when others were working on stuff that was easy for us he got me to do it all one handed which is harder and yet kinda easier cause I don't use two hands very well anymore never ride like that.  So that was kinda neat to make my brain work in ways I haven't done in a while.  I'm thinking of taking lessons there with the one girl and my other riding buddies later on maybe do 2 half day clinics one with the broke ones and one with the young/and Pally, should be fun but wont be for a while when we can go consistently.
Since we brought the colt we thought wed make it easy
 and just tie to the one side but there is only 2 ties
 so I just left Jess loose and saddled her in front of his pine tree, 
We don't have any so I need to get some pics of them)

(Even played soccer, Jess wasn't enthused but she did it)

And now after 3 days of riding Jess is a bit sore, she cant take that when not in shape anymore so she will get 3 days off cause I'm busy and then I go on a scrapbooking retreat for the weekend.


Mrs Shoes said...

A friend suggested I not kick for walk to lope transition, instead she told me to try giving a huge push with the same hip that I wanted my horse to pick up the lead on into the canter. Boy, it really worked for me & I think we have much prettier & smoother transitions now, whereas when I was kicking my horse was kind of launching (lurching) into the gait.
Scrapbooking retreat? OMG, that sounds cool & I bet you have such beautifully displayed memories. Not gonna lie, little jealous (I have an envelop full of photos that I keep meaning to frame....).

Shirley said...

Hmmm will have to try Mrs' Shoes tip!
I sure wish I could get some saddle time- lucky you! Jess is such a good girl.