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Friday, January 27, 2017

Horse Search is Over....and A Ride on Jess

Sunday I loaded up Jessie and drove to Hanna to meet a friend.  I picked her up and we headed to Forestburg to try another couple horses for her.  I brought Jess cause might as well ride while up there.  I had been to this arena a couple years ago, its where I tried out and traded Kali for Dee.  It's a cool arena that used to be a hockey rink then the town wanted a new hockey rink so said it was condemned so they got more grant money and built a new arena.  A few years back a few people figured it would make a good riding arena and so they talked to a bunch of people got an inspector out turns out not condemned and the town gave it to the ag society.  They spent a few years cleaning it up and getting sand.  Now it has roping chutes and they are still working on heaters, the one over the bleachers works but the others not so much.  But still nice to ride in.  Even better than when I was there last more organized.

She tried out the 2 colts really liked the filly and so she bought her.  Wasn't planning on buying right away but it was just such a good fit, exactly what she was looking for and she had talked a lot to the owners before so it was done.  Worked out good actually since I had my trailer there I just hauled her to my house.  She is still here till the weekend just couldn't get a time together.

(Filly in Summer clothes)

(the gelding, he was nice too but bigger and she really wanted a filly)

Shes pretty sweet, just 2 and shes been saddled and lunged and sat on.  No rides yet but just calm about everything she will be a good one.  And shes so friendly its kinda nice considering some of the others we have looked at.

(have to get pics of her while eating cause otherwise shes too close)

Now the search is over and we have no excuse to go galavanting all over the countryside lol.  It was fun


Mrs Shoes said...

Filly looks strawberry roan in her summer clothes - I love the roans.

Shirley said...

Nice bay roan! What's her bloodlines?

TeresaA said...

She's lovely!

Crystal said...

Mrs Shoes you make me laugh. Strawberry roan is a song/movie thing. She is a bay roan, the gelding is a red roan although neither really look it in pics but they do in real and of course in summer.
Shirley, I can not remember her bloodlines but shes cowbred, cowhorse/reining. Actually nominated for reining something lol I wasn't paying attention I guess. I will try and find out for you

Sherry Sikstrom said...

very nice!