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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Maintenance and Trouble

On the 3rd I took Jess in to get her teeth done.  It was so cold who knows why I went when it was so cold but I did anyways.  Shes good as always, was about a year and a half since shes been done and she had a small hook on her one back side and a few points.  Not that she was suffering from it, she's as big as a house!

She was a bit dozy, so we stayed in the clinic for a while I had a coffee and visited, they aren't that busy in January with large animal stuff yet so its a nice time to go.  The sun was shining in was nice.  And then it stayed cold for ever and so I still haven't rode.  Today is only -6 but the wind is just miserable.  I went out for a a bit and man it hurts my lungs.  Which sucks cause now I won't be home till Sunday for another chance to ride :(

Then when I got home that day the waterer quit it was working that morning but not now so I took Jess over to the new cows one and she wasn't interested which I figured, but Razz was staring at the water trough and me then the water trough pretty obvious what she wanted so I caught her and took her over and she drank for quite a while, its slow coming in that one so while we were there the cows came over to visit and see what we were doing.  Almost pet B18 but not quite she was OK with touching me but not the other way around lol.  Pally didn't want to be caught wasn't interested in the water at all so finally I got to leave the cold outside and go in.  And then Neil comes in an hour later saying its working and none of my horses would drink guess they weren't thirsty anymore

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Shirley said...

Aaagh water woes.... I hate it when they freeze up! We had the bathroom cold line freeze up a couple of weeks ago but fortunately a few minutes with the blow dryer fixed it. Now we leave the vanity doors open on cold nights.
I haven't ridden yet this year either, been sick for a week and sure can't wait for that to be done with!