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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Years 2017

Haha Im a bit late but Happy New Year everyone.  Time to make resolutions and blah blah blah.  Actually I like making resolutions and I really like lists and keeping track of stuff so this year I am trying something new and made myself a binder for all the important stuff.  Still working on it and what I like and dont like but after 3 days I like it so far, nice to have everything in one place.

Last year I had lots of goals (written here) and some got done and some changed and some just never got thought of again.  Well this year is a little different I have fewer goals but bigger ones.

1.  Get out and cut, so much so that I am no eligible for the 2000 class in any NCHA show.  I said something last year and Doug said it was possible in a year but wont be easy.  That OK who needs easy anyways...and I got Easy (the horse, lol)  Also in this goal is another one of getting more fit.  I kinda been slacking last few years and I notice it when i ride now and if I wanna be competitive I need to be ready to ride and so I started a workout routine, got it all planned out which helps at least I know what I should be doing when.

2.  Big scary news (for me anyways)  If all goes well I am gonna breed Jess this year, sent away her 5 panel test and they were doing a special for either color or pattern, well shes sorrel no doubting that so I did pattern, she has a lot of white including a belly spot so we will see, not that it matters the stud Im thinking of is sorrel with white too so I kinda know the color of the foal already.  Dont care about color but if it turns out well I am gonna put himéher in training.  Yikes!  Unless it sells haha and then Ill do it again :)  But also because of this this fall I am gonna look at getting a bred mare so I have 2 foals they seem better that way.  But I will be picky cause if I dont breed Jess back Ill probly wanna ride the mare so she has to be broke.  Well that was a longer goal than I expected but kinda needed to be.  No plans to breed Razz yet, I cant find a stallion I like enough for her.  But Im sure I will eventually.

3.  Clean out old house.  Ya that was on my last year list but we just got the garage finished (after a good 6 months grrr)  and this week just moved a freezer and fridge over so I couldnt do much before then althoguh I been slowly working on it.

4.  Ride more.  And Drive more.  Now that I got Jax and a cart and harness for him I plan on doing a lot of driving :)  and last year was a really poor year for riding so I will definitely have to up my game this year, specially with Easy he will need exercise at least 5 probly  days a week.  Im gonna start ponying him so hes not always rode will be nicer for him and hopefully get him more comfortable in the pastures.  And to have more I need a starting amount.  According to AQHA I have 24.5 All breed hours and 98.5 AQHA hours for a total of 123.  Which is a lot more than I thought, most of it while Easy was boarded last winter but I need at least twice that to get through this year.

Oh and Shirley the mermaid, I got a better pic so you can see it, I love it!  And Mrs Shoes I sure will share the recipe.  tomorrow if I get time :)


TeresaA said...

You sound so organized and that is half the battle.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

that is a good solid list! Achievable too I think

Shirley said...

That mermaid does look cozy!
Dually Cat.... that should be a really nice cross on Jess! Exciting!

cdncowgirl said...

I'm trying to track my goals better this year and be more organized in general too. And with all the apps and stuff out there I find that I still like good old paper and pen :)
Where did you find your binder inserts?