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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weaning The Easy Way (for the foal anyways)

Well yesterday was a big day for the black mare.  Hmm wait...

On Monday night Jardi and Charlene come over to pick up a couple round bales cause she bought a bunch off us, but her hay hauler is combining and her pasture was getting short, so they came to get some to tide them over till the full load can be delivered.

Of course while they were here, we had to go see the babies, Charlene had never seen them before and Jazz let her walk right up to her and give her a good scratch.  She was really enjoying it. 

Well this morning I went out to see where the horses were and I couldn't see them in the pasture (I figured they were in the far end just cause I was gonna take Bailey and ride with Charlene, so I grabbed a pail of oats and they walked out of the shed!  Well I gave them the oats and closed the gate to lock them in.  When I was ready to go, I caught and loaded Bailey, and then Razz was following me around and so I caught and loaded her.  She was so easy to catch and load, I was kinda suspicious, it was just weird, I felt like I was betraying her even though she wanted to go, she didn't know what was going on.  Well we got to Jardi's and I put her with the mares and she just stood at the gate looking at me with sad eyes unless another horse came near and she let them know to stay away!

Well I went and rode with Lu and I think Bailey nd Razz are more attached than Razz is to Jazz.  What was I thinking giving them rhyming names?? it seemed cool at the time, but I wont do that again, too confusing.  Anyways, as we were coming home, Bailey kept walking faster and faster, and occasionally couldn't  stand it and broke into a trot, I didn't get upset with her (which prolly confounded her) but just steered her away from the barn and it only took a couple times and she walked in nice.

 I phoned Neil to tell him not to worry if Jazz was calling, she would prolly be alright and when I got home, he said he hadn't heard a single sound. It started to rain pretty good, so I never ended up riding with Charlene.  So I headed home and everything was fine here.

I unloaded Bailey and put her back and opened the gate and they just all walked out like nothing happened.  I was pretty happy about this, but not totally surprised as they were pretty well weaned except for sucking otherwise Jazz was on her own or with Belle.  Now she's another story, I'm thinking they may all cry when I wean them from her, shes very motherly.  This morning all was well as well, with Jazz and her new mommy.

Hope the others go as smoothly.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hanna Rodeo

Every year since I have been married we have gone to the Hanna Rodeo. Its kinda neat to see some of our Neighbors competing there alongside the big guns.

This year I had to miss Friday night cause I was scrapbooking (shoot I coulda had that in my Sunday Stills!) but we were there on Saturday and Sunday. This is a pretty important rodeo for some folks cause its the last rodeo they can get money at to qualify for the Canadian Finals in November. There was also another rodeo the same weekend in McCord, Saskatchewan and a lot of these cowboys went to both.

On Friday Valerie Gillespie run barrels in a 13:38, which we missed of course. Shes had some pretty good runs this summer on her horse. She ended up in 10th or so out of the money but good for her. We also saw a vet tech from the clinic in Drum run on Sunday and she run in 13:90. I had never seen her run before and she looked pretty good out there.

One of the farriers Jardi uses was there on Friday as well he's a team roper and unfortunately he got a no time, which I missed as well. Goes to show you I should have gone all three nights even though it seems like kinda a long weekend that way.  On Saturday our Community Pasture riders son was riding in the saddle bronc (sorry about the poor photo)

The intermission was pretty cool, Howard Gerlitz and his horse Whiskey did all sorts of  tricks. Like standing on this box which was 16 by 16. 

He also makes his horse carry his oats in the morning when he does chores.

And of course he carried his suitcase when they travel.

And best of all, he can stretch himself out from 16.3 to 14 hands so its easier to get on!

He was pretty cool, but I also figured out a setting on my camera where I can do super fast ISO (3200) and continuous shooting, so some of the pictures I got as the cowboys come off were pretty neat.  Like this one where hes on the other side, but you can see his feet in the air.

And this one where hes about to hit the ground.

All in all a pretty good time, but I still thinks its too much and would rather only go one day.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Strait Summer Jazz

I got an email from the people I got Razz from and they are having a production sale in Rimby at the auction Mart on Wednesday, Sept 29 (yes, this week) and I was thinking of going to it.  They have sold some of their land and need to get rid of some horses.  They have a few I like and I really like Razz, so I might go up there and see.  No promises I wont come  home with something, they have a broodmare I really like and her foal from this year is really nice as well.  She had a nice foal in 2009, but hes a roan and they aren't usually my favorites.  This year she had a brown filly, which is what I want, but I didn't want it this year necessarily.  She is bred back the same way as those two, and shes broke as well.  We will have to see, wasn't gonna have any babies next year, but that may change her pretty quick.  Go check them out and Anchor Y Ranch.

So This got me thinking about the ponies, and since they were close this morning  I went out and got a good look at them.  They are sure getting big.  Babies are getting taller, the grown ones are getting wider.

I took some pictures of Jazz today and am surprised she has finally lost all the yellow on her legs!  I thought it was gonna be permanent.

She is still friendly as ever, walking up to me when everyone else was eating.

I think she is more of a smokey black than a true black because she still has lots of yellow fluff in her ears like Razz, and her tail is pretty light colored, and she just looks more of a chocolate color than black.

While I was scratching her butt, she was itching Fly, we had a little chain going on, lol.  Woulda probly be a better picture if someone else was out there with us though.

All in all shes pretty cute and growing up.  I cant wait till they are weaned now and I really get to do something with them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Stills-The letter S

This week Sunday Stills was the letter S.  They have to all be new pictures, not archives, which actually was easy because there are so many things that start with S.

I was driving through Drum this week (again) and I seen the dinosaurs and thought I should try to find a Stegasaurous.  It was funny driving all over and I finally found this one in funny colors.

Then on my way home I was thinking of what Else starts with S and came up with Slough.

Then as I went riding I got a picture of Sandy

And Sid

And Tangle the Stallion.

And then the rodeo today had Skipping with the intermission show.

There are so many things I coulda taken pictures of, but I guess that's enough for now.  For More go to Sunday Stills.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dinero Get His First Massage

Not sure what I am gonna post a bout today, because I have no pictures.  Everywhere I went yesterday coulda been good picture taking, but...

I went over to Jardis so she could massage Dinero, he was sure wondering what was going on, but really got into it, especially when she was doing the massage on the neck he really liked that.  You could tell where it hurt though cause he'd be leaning into her and then move away when she got to the knots or other sore spots.  It was funny, he wanted her to do it but it still hurt.
We knew it was his back left hock that was giving him problems and when she got there, he let her know too! He never kicked, but sure tried to pull his leg  away.  She got it all stretched out and moved around and he was okay with it, I think he realizes we aren't gonna hurt him, we just want to help.  When I walked him around afterwards, it looked like he was reaching under himself a little better already.
Now I have to stretch the back legs out again when I go over there today and tomorrow.  Hopefully it doesn't rain for a while and he wont slip in the mud again and hurt himself.
Its sure easy to tell when its working, he goes right to licking and chewing, and an occasional yawn.  Its almost like he cant help himself with the chewing, kinda funny.

Neil spent last night at his mom and dads house so he could drive his  mom to Calgary to her doctors appointment today and its sure weird being home alone after so many years of Neil here all the time.  I didn't know it bothered me until last night, not like I have never lived alone before, and lots of times I go to bed before hes home, but still different.  I actually kind of enjoyed my evening alone and got lots of stuff done cause I never turned on the TV.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jam and More Jam

Well Ive been at it again.  Jam making.  I really enjoy making Jams and Jellies and all sorts of canning stuff.  Its a good thing I have lots of friends who like eating it too, cause otherwise there's no way I would be able to eat all I make.

So this got me thinking, we have a craft sale in Cessford in November sometime and maybe I should sell some of my jams there.  I have done this before and its went over okay, not super well, but I have only had them there once and it was kinda spur of the moment.  With some time to plan, maybe  it will be a little better.

So I am planning now.  I thought if I want them to sell, maybe to be given as gifts, I should make some pretty labels.  I looked at what I could make on the computer and then thought since I scrapbook, why not make scrapbooking type labels. So this is what I've come up with so far.

And this is what they look like on the jars. I still have many more to make and put on, but just thinking so far.

I am thinking I will be taking rhubarb raspberry jam, raspberry jelly, nanking jelly, crab apple jelly, apple jelly, peach jam and applesauce.  I am thinking of charging $3 for small jars, or $5 for big jars and all applesauce at $4.  Should be fun, I guess I better get on making more labels though and ordering a table.

Monday, September 20, 2010


We spent the weekend in Medicine Hat working the casino for the Pollockville Curling Club.  Me and Neil stayed overnight because we worked the 10:30 to 2 am shift.  I woulda rather gone home in between cause there was nothing to do all day while waiting for our shift.  We did some shopping, but we are broke for now and that's no fun to shop when you can't buy much.

In the lobby of the Medicine Hat Lodge they have these chairs.  They are so cool!  They don't look all that big until there is something around them to judge the size by because they are perfect proportions.

I spent all weekend trying to convince Neil to sit in one so I could take his picture, but he kept coming up with an excuse  why not to.

Finally this morning after breakfast, I went and sat in one while Neil was going to the bathroom and when he came out I asked him to take my picture.

After that, he couldn't resist and I finally got him in the chair.

Whew that was a lot of work, lol.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Stills Flags

This week our Sunday Stills was all about Flags, whatever kind of Flag you could think of.

I came up with this Canada Flag  from Canada Day.

And then as we went through Brooks yesterday I saw these Flags at the Wendy's Resteraunt and got a shot of them.

Hope everyone enjoys this and go to Sunday Stills for more.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playing in the Mud

Yesterday was our regular riding day and even though Susan and Lu weren't coming out, I had to go to town, so I thought I should stop by and see the boy anyways.  It was a little muddy and sloppy there, although Jardi did say it has dried up quite a bit.

I took a picture of Dinero and after I looked at it I laughed because he looks short and pony like in it.

Afterwards, I bent down a little and took a better on, whew he looks like a horse.

He was a little muddy, especially his head.

I never road him cause he's still sore, so I rode Dot out with Charlene on the lease roads and it wasn't too bad, but we took too long and it was starting to get cold when we came back and out hands were freezing.  Speaking of freezing, we missed out on the frost on Thursday night, but not so lucky last night.  I guess it doesn't matter anymore if we get frost cause it was a good one.

It was still frosty this morning at 9!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yesterday I thought I better go check on my horses since I haven't seen them close up in a couple days and they hadn't been coming in, so I go out in the field just minding my own business, see them from the corral

I look over at the dugout and see some ducks swimming around,

And next thing I know is they are running towards me

And getting closer and closer

So finally they reach me and I give them the handful of oats they have been looking for, sure makes it easy to catch them, lol.

I was gonna wean Fly next week, but it looks like Razz may have or is starting to wean Jazz, so she might be first.  Every time Jazz comes near Razz, Razz chased her away. Not sure what that is about, but interesting.  And they have been the most independent of each other the whole summer, not worrying where each other was.

Fly is still growing like a weed, looks pretty tall next to his mom.

And Gypsy is sure getting fat out there, as is everyone else, but she looks the biggest.

 The grass is still tall out there and I hope it lasts till the end of October and it looks like it will.

All in all they all looked good and happy.