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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Riding and Hay

Yesterday I was fillling up my truck with gas and this little guy was sneaking up to the yard, he/she was so cute I couldn't chase away even though they are a pest.

Then I went riding with Lu and rode Dot out and it was so much fun, I always forget how nice and relaxing it is to have a super broke horse to ride. They were both kinda dogging along and Lu says over there on the flat, we should do some trot to wake them up. So I agree and by the time we go to the flat, they both had sped up to a super fast walk, not sure if they knew work was coming or understood us or what, but it was funny!

After we had coffee, I thought I should ride the boy, so I got Rochelle to take some pics of me on him, I wanted to be riding, but she wanted me to stand still, so this is the best ones.

Then Rochelle gave me the camera for some reason, so I took it riding and I got a couple pics off him, but this one shows my fingers cause I was kinda trying to hurry before he decided what to do on his own.

We rode out of the yard by ourselves again and went west on an oil road that goes to about 4 wells with a nice big dirt spot in the middle, and we trotted some there, then we went back to the yard and headed south then back, then south, so he was figuring there was no point in hurrying back to the yard cause we might just go past again. Then I went a got his halter off the fence and left the yard again and got off him outside the yard and put his halter on and let him eat some grass.

After that was all done, Jardi asked if I would help her pick up some bales, so I went with her and one of her boys and she bought me supper in exchange for helping, it was Chinese in Hussar and super tasty! Who knew 87 bales could fit in a stock trailer? I was surprised so many fit!


fernvalley01 said...

Looking good , you and Dinero! He is a sure seems to be doing well for you

CCC said...

Good job on Dinero. That was so smart, he won't be one of those hurry home kind of horses at that rate. And your doing really good to take a picture like that on a colt. I'm impressed.