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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weaning The Easy Way (for the foal anyways)

Well yesterday was a big day for the black mare.  Hmm wait...

On Monday night Jardi and Charlene come over to pick up a couple round bales cause she bought a bunch off us, but her hay hauler is combining and her pasture was getting short, so they came to get some to tide them over till the full load can be delivered.

Of course while they were here, we had to go see the babies, Charlene had never seen them before and Jazz let her walk right up to her and give her a good scratch.  She was really enjoying it. 

Well this morning I went out to see where the horses were and I couldn't see them in the pasture (I figured they were in the far end just cause I was gonna take Bailey and ride with Charlene, so I grabbed a pail of oats and they walked out of the shed!  Well I gave them the oats and closed the gate to lock them in.  When I was ready to go, I caught and loaded Bailey, and then Razz was following me around and so I caught and loaded her.  She was so easy to catch and load, I was kinda suspicious, it was just weird, I felt like I was betraying her even though she wanted to go, she didn't know what was going on.  Well we got to Jardi's and I put her with the mares and she just stood at the gate looking at me with sad eyes unless another horse came near and she let them know to stay away!

Well I went and rode with Lu and I think Bailey nd Razz are more attached than Razz is to Jazz.  What was I thinking giving them rhyming names?? it seemed cool at the time, but I wont do that again, too confusing.  Anyways, as we were coming home, Bailey kept walking faster and faster, and occasionally couldn't  stand it and broke into a trot, I didn't get upset with her (which prolly confounded her) but just steered her away from the barn and it only took a couple times and she walked in nice.

 I phoned Neil to tell him not to worry if Jazz was calling, she would prolly be alright and when I got home, he said he hadn't heard a single sound. It started to rain pretty good, so I never ended up riding with Charlene.  So I headed home and everything was fine here.

I unloaded Bailey and put her back and opened the gate and they just all walked out like nothing happened.  I was pretty happy about this, but not totally surprised as they were pretty well weaned except for sucking otherwise Jazz was on her own or with Belle.  Now she's another story, I'm thinking they may all cry when I wean them from her, shes very motherly.  This morning all was well as well, with Jazz and her new mommy.

Hope the others go as smoothly.


fernvalley01 said...

A quiet weaning! nice

lisa said...

Very nice to have it go smoothly!

Shirley said...

I find that leaving the baby with the herd and taking the mama away is the least stressful for the baby. Love the ear cam photo!