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Monday, May 31, 2010

Learning Something New Every Day

Wow, I have owned horses for quite a while (about 10 years) and worked in a stable with jumpers before that. However I have not been around many baby foals, lots of weanlings and yearling and stuff, and a few foals others had, but not all the time.

Since I have had these foals, I have learnt so much about horses. They do amazing things without even realizing it. I was reading an article by Jennifer Webster on western horse reviews online blogs, and she said she turned out a new mare and foal with others she had been with before and the ran around like crazy and the mare lost her baby, but eventually everything settled and she found her foal and the whole time there was no kicking out! I was surprised, but glad no foals got hurt. And when we were to brand last week, we brought in George and Bailey (who spent all winter with the mares) in the corral next to the mares for the day. That night I noticed the mares never came in the shed when the rain came, just hid out behind the bushes. And the next day we moved George and Bailey back, they went right to the shed. Weird! I think they were protecting those colts from the new strange horses.

And before when only Fly was born, Gypsy protected him and kept him away from everyone else, now I look out and see they all protect each others foals, from everything else, and not so much from each other. I know they are getting older and more self reliant, but its quite different than before.

Even when eating, they are a lot quieter and less fighting goes on, its kinda cool, and I am just wanting to be out there all day just watching them, if the weather would warm up, I might be.

The pictures are me trying to get a close up of Jazz. Its hard to get her eyes showing, her mouth closed and her whole face markings. The second one just turned out kinda light and I liked it, so I left it as is, but it makes her look grey.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Page

I learned how to make a new page on my blog, I never knew it was possible till I was talking to Linda and she discovered it somehow. So now I am using them as a page to sell some horses. I have listed all the foals and Gypsy on there so far, so go check it out and tell me what you think. I'm not sure I want to sell them all (I like Fly and Jazz and Belles foal too:) but I gotta sell some, and I like Gypsy, but I have lots of horses and so I'll see how it goes.

We got about 1 and 3/4 inches of rain and snow total. That should be enough for a while and if we get some hot weather this week it should make the grass grow and hopefully we get enough hay as well.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I went up to my Moms house last night for her monthly scrap booking and I thought I had better not stay over because of the weather forecasting snow, so I ended up getting home at quarter after two. It was a little late but I was glad I didn't stay over.

Well the snow came this morning as I woke up to a white world. What do you do? So I went and checked on the horses, they were fine, and called Linda. She said they were going to claresholm to the western store and asked if I wanted to come along. so of course I went. Its a long ways, especially when I had to go to the bathroom half way there. Luckily for me, they stopped and let me have some relief.

In this picture, if you look close, Belles colt is trying to smell Razz while they are busy eating, lol

I never did end up buying anything, but it was fun anyways. I was looking for a pair of spur straps for my new spurs, but they didn't have anything I really wanted, some nice ones, but I'm not especially fond of the basket weave and that's whet the nicest ones were. I also looked at a cute straw hat with pink edging and of course they never had my size. So I guess we will have to go back sometime.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rain, rain and more rain

Well so far we have gotten about 1 and 1/10 of rain. So its kinda soggy out here. According to the weather man its supposed to keep raining today and then snow in the morning tomorrow. Yikes I hope we don't get snow, I'm okay with rain, even if its cold out, but not snow, not now we get enough all winter, why do we need it in summer too?

Red (Belles foal for now) standing on the grain wondering why she pays more attention to it then to him

Then after getting out of the way, peeking around Moms butt

Its a good day for breakfast

And Bailey and George in the water logged bull pasture cause we didn't want to walk in the rain and turn them out.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rained Out!!

Well we never got branded today. We had everything ready, but I was kinda suspicious, so I only had the meat cooked, everything else was waiting to be put together. The riders we supposed to come at 3, but were here by 2:30, so they went out and just as they got the cows in, the rain started, so they let them back out. We called everyone else and just sat around and visited for a while. So far we have 7/10th of rain, so it sounds like at least it was worthwhile.

We were gonna put it off till tomorrow, but sounds like weather will be bad for a couple more days, so we might not go till next Wednesday, good thing my meat can be frozen and reheated!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keeping Busy

Its so crazy busy here, trying to get ready for branding. I have been mowing and watering and gardening and cooking and cleaning and finally I needed a break.

Yesterday I went to town and got all my branding supplies (I hope) and today I get to spend the day cooking and cutting up roast, thank goodness for my meat slicer, and cooking the ham, and I wont make the salads and casseroles till tomorrow. We get Tim Horton's donuts for dessert, so that's the easy part.

I went riding yesterday and rode Dot again. Its amazing how she can spend so much energy worrying what might be out there. She never seems to relax. She is very well behaved and never does anything bad or spooky, but just doesn't relax. She must have been a challenge when she was younger.

Every morning when I got out, I give a little oats to the mares, and then afterwards I give a little to George and Bailey. I do this so I can make sure they come up and I get a good look at them. I'm glad I did, cause this morning George had a cactus in his flank. That had to be uncomfortable, so I pulled it out as gentle as possible and he seemed much happier.

I still haven't thought of a name for Belles foal, which is kinda terrible, cause I've had the longest to think of a name for him, almost a year and I haven't come up with a good one yet! Yikes, gotta keep thinking on that one.

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Pictures

Well I got a few more pictures of the babies, and they are so adorable! Fly sure wants to play with his new "friends" but their mommies wont let them.

When my mom and Clint come out, we walked out there and Gypsy come over to us, I thought that was kinda odd, but of course she was begging for treats. We never had any, but Clint had a mint from Boston Pizza so we gave it to her and she made a funny face while eating it, but she wanted more, so it couldn't be that bad.

The weirdest thing was Razz didn't want me or them to have anything to do with her. As soon as we got within 50 feet of her, she took off for the corals. But Belle who doesn't like strangers usually just stood there while we took a bunch of pictures, never bothered her. Totally thought it would be the other way around. However this morning when I went alone, she walked right up to me, kind of like apologizing. It was cute.

Belle is also a little uncomfortable when her baby sucks, she keeps lifting her foot like to kick, but she doesn't, she just swishes her tail. I feel kinda bad for her.

I sure wont have a hard time telling them apart, bay mare has bay foal, black mare with black foal, and sorrel mare with sorrel foal, guess they take after their mothers. I think I am gonna call Razz's foal Strait Summer Jazz, aka Jazz.

And we cant forget about Fly, who looks so big compared to the new ones!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yaaa a boy....and a girl!

Wow imagine my sup rise when I go outside and expect to see a baby from Belle. I look in the corral and see Razz's legs are red, hmmm suspicious. She moves and sure enough theres a foal behind her. I never even looked at her that close yesterday because I didn't think she was that close.

And then I glance in the shed and am surprised again when I see Belle also has a foal beside her. Wow two in one day! Pretty exciting around here. I went and had a check on them, and its a sorrel colt from Belle, and a black filly from Razz.

The are so adorable! I wish they coulda waited for a nicer day, but I am very relieved they are done and healthy. Since its so icky out, I fed them a bale so they don't have to take the babies out in the pasture too far. (not saying they wont anyways) I also didn't get many pictures (yet) cause of the weather, but I will as soon as it gets a little warmer, or when my mommy comes out, cause she will want to see them as well.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I glanced outside yesterday afternoon and saw the weirdest thing. On top of a pole in our yard was a cat! I had to take a closer look, so I went out and sure enough its Fluffy. The crazy cat we got from my sister. I asked for a short haired kinda friendly one and I get a super long haired wild one! Sheesh family. Anyways hes a good farm cat cause he doesn't bother us, doesn't hang around the house, and eats tonnes of gophers and mice. Who knew.

When we first got him, about a week later he was on top of the power pole and Neil wanted to rescue him. I wouldn't let him cause if the cat can get up there, he can get down and it ain't worth risking Neils life to save a cat. Sure enough before I could get my camera, he was down again. So being on a pole isn't entirely new for him, just odd for me.

Well I was out there getting a picture of him I got a picture of Belles funny white butt but its not very good, only shows one side. I also got a video of her, but its boring cause the baby quit kicking as soon as I hit record.

And we cant forget Fly even if he doesn't have any friends yet

Friday, May 21, 2010

So Exciting

Well I have exciting news! I met a girl last week who is interested In Gypsy. She really wants Fly, but her husband doesn't want a baby, so I said Gypsy is well broke, and she thought that might be better. And she is trying to talk her husband into the colt as well.

Oh and I missed an excellent opportunity for pictures of Fly this morning as he was running in cause I got sidetracked when I seen Belle has wax! I was surprised to see that when I looked at her this morning, however I shouldn't have, cause she has been acting weird lately, so maybe she will actually foal on time. Shes due today I think.

And less exciting is I got the garden rototilled and I need to sharpen the blades I think and do it again cause I sure couldn't get it to dig in more than a couple inches. I might wait till Monday after all the rain is gone.

Oh ya and sounds like my Mommy might be coming up this weekend so visit. That's always fun, and she just cant wait to see the baby (or maybe babies)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Learning to Graze

Boy oh Boy is is ever hard to eat anything off the ground when your legs are longer then your neck!

Whew maybe if I try a different angle it will work better.

Nope, gotta try something else

Hmmm maybe if i go for the taller grass

I know, Its so much easier if I lean on mom and then I don't lose my balance!

Of course its also easier when everything is not right at ground level either.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I seen something on Belle I never knew she had before. Weird how after 4 years I finally noticed. I was looking at her cause for the last couple days shes been uncomfortable and lifting her tail alot, so I got a closer look this morning and she has roaning between her back legs! It looks really ugly, but I shouldn't be surprised, because she does have roaning on her flanks and tail, but it was still unexpected.

I was also laughing at Bailey and George again today. She has been wandering around calling the girls, and they ignore her, but George just follows her wherever she goes. And this morning I wanted to get a good look at her and make sure she didn't do anything silly, and she was fine, and George is still following her like a puppy, only stopping to eat when she does. I guess they re getting along alright.

And Fly has 4 white socks, but I haven't gotten a good picture of them yet until this morning, and I love the whole picture.

I never did get my garden rototilled today, but I did the laundry and all my new clothes and got the seeds out in the greenhouse finally, hoping it doesn't freeze anytime soon, and sorted out all my summer clothes and put the winter ones away, and made a garbage bag of clothes to give away. So glad of that, because I have too many clothes and some I never even wear, so I might as well get rid of them.

I also watered the trees I planted last fall, and was glad to see new buds

I also see we have two trees that are dead on top, we will have to get rid of them, prolly only one this summer, and one next cause Neil doesn't think we should cut any down.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Im Back again

Well I'm back again. Seems so busy again, and no time to blog. I keep wanting to join Sunday stills, but I haven't been around on a Sunday to get it done yet, maybe this weekend.
I went to a friends son in laws welcome home from Afghanistan party on Saturday and actually had a lot of fun. There was a meal (with homemade pumpkin pie!) and then we all went swimming at the leisure centre, I had never been there before, and they have a wave pool, and a neat river that the current just flows around and around, real cool with a tube. And the water slide. I forgot how much fun swimming can be.

On Sunday, I went to Calgary to my sisters and spent the day visiting with her and the kids. We got up early Monday morning (5:45) and went to 50% off day at Value Village. I got 3 sleeveless shirts, dress pants, 4 tank tops, 2 dresses, a pair of shorts, and 3 hoodies, all for $80! It was lots of fun, and reminded me why I don't live in the city, event though my nephews tried to convince me I should.

Today I went and dropped off Dinero at Lanes, I took Bailey along for company and Lane started her 3 years ago and was surprised how much bigger she is. I went riding and rode Dot again and when I came home put Bailey out with George, and she wasn't happy to be out without her girl friends. But George was sure glad to have company again and followed her wherever she went. Pretty funny for the boss horse, lol.

We also picked a branding day, on the 27th and so I have a million things to get done before then. Will be nice to get that over with though.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vet Again

I like it when I go to the vet and I don't have to pay, that's kinda a nice change. So far that's three times this year that has happened. Not that I want other peoples horses hurt, I'm just glad its not mine.
First was Razz and we went to get her teeth done, and he didn't want to do anything cause she was pregnant. Then I went with Jardi to get Dot stitched up, and today with Jardi again to get Flower stitched (although he never did stitch her) after she jumped over the water trough and scared the sheep out of the pen.

I actually went over to ride, but Lu never showed up, so I went to the vet. I should make an appointment for the puppy and I got to pick up vaccinations. I guess its that time of year again.

Last night we went and tore out the last (I hope) beaver dam, and we saw a muskrat swimming past, although when he got to the dam, he climbed over, I thought it would have been cool if he woulda swam through the hole we made. Neil shot a beaver last night and brought it home, and I felt his tail cause i never had seen one up close before, and I was kinda disappointed, it was little, but kinda rubbery like I thought. I thought it would be real big, but really wasn't even as wide as he was.

I also learned something yesterday, I am wider than a deer. This may not come as a surprise, but while walking through deer trails, I sure seem to get a lot of scratches.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Answers and Confusion


Sometimes I wonder. I had Shirley's prize all packed up and ready to send away on Friday when Neil went to town, so I sent it with him asking him to get the postage and mail it. Simple right?? Well apparently not so much, he never dais anything about it, so I just assumed he mailed it (I should know better than to assume things by now) Well last night he says he seen the package in the truck and mailed it yesterday! Yikes I wish Id have known at least, so your prize is on the way, well just call it a present for happy spring! I did say you won anyways and can't really change that, so Happy Spring to You!

I will also give Linda a prize, cause she really did know what was going on even if I seen him and she didn't.

Umm what else, Oh ya, I am confused and actually hoping all your guesses are wrong in the contest, not because i don't think you know what yo are talking about, but I really want a bay filly from Belle before the end of May, and a colt from Razz before July! yikes, that's so late and I want it sooner.

hmm oh and apparently there is only one red female puppy (I thought there were 3 red females and one black female and its the other way around) and she is not sold yet. She is the one with the dot on her head. She and Rascal and the other nameless red male actually look like they are tri colored with a little tan on them as well.

She is the one on the left side facing the camera. It looks like she will be short haired so far. (that's actually Jardi's favorite pup.) That's the only pic I have of her, they move around so much now they are hard to tell which I had and which I didn't.

I think I should maybe go back to school and learn all about he differences between girls and boys, because that's twice in a week now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Foals and Puppies and all things cute!

Its been kinda a busy weekend, which seems rare, cause usually we are just home and weekends are boring compared to the weekdays, cause there's nothing to do.

On Saturday we went to Neil's Nieces graduation. It was a nice do and am still kinda surprised there were 35 grads in Duchess. That's one of the biggest classes they have had and pretty good for a small town.

On Sunday we went to my Mom's house for Mothers Day and it was a good times, my siter and family, my Grandpa, aunts and uncles, and my Mom's husbands mom was there as well.

Monday not much happened, we were too tired and it was cold again. But I did get 3 trays of seeds planted. Little bit late, but still before I can plant ouside yet.

Yesterday I had to be at the dodge dealer at 8 to get my truck worked on. We finally get the truck paid off and all kinds of work need to get done, coincidence? Not sure, but they changed the tires, tie rod ends, ball joints, new hoses for the transmission, and a new light for the licence plate and new brakes. I need new shock absorbers, but they have to order them in yet. So I kindly asked for a courtesy car and got one, and so I had breakfast with Jardi and then went shopping a bit, then went out riding (on Dot!) and stuck around till the dealer called at 5. Whew long day again. I still had to stop and get a few more groceries and get some pictures printed, so I never got home till about 8 pm. I was pretty tired, but it was worth it, I got so much done and so many cute pictures! Dot

At the barn there was a mare that just foaled on Saturday, so I had a look at her and she is so tiny! she makes Fly look huge. Here she is (Mist, so far)

Here's her sucking mom. Pretty fine, but cutting bred, so thats pretty normal.

same pose as Mist, but a little closer, He looks so huge now.

Oh and I also got new pics of some of the puppies, they are weaned and so cute and they just play play play then sleep, then more play. They are so cute, but kinda hard to take pictures of cause they are always in your face.
This is Chevette (black female) and Rascal (Rascal(red male) is sold)

This one is balck nameless)

This is red nameless female and black nameless)

(and this is Pirate (red female)

and more Pirate

And they looked so sad after we left the stall. (spot (black male-sold), red nameless, two more black nameless, and Pirate again)

They are so much fun to play with and cuddle, there sure are different personalities coming out now for sure.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Its a Miracle!!!

First off, Happy Mothers Day to my mom and all other moms out there! Pretty important day for moms to finally be recognized for all their hard work.

Oh and some kind of miracle transformation happened over night! (little bit sarcastic there!) I went out to feed the mares and Fly was peeing....and she has turned into a he! I was pretty sure I had checked, but I guess I should do the lift the tail check, not the look underneath check. oops. Oh well I still think HE is cute!