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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well Today I went out and got the promised pictures.

Its in the sea can, so its kinda weird. And from the front

and the saddle pads, the blue/white one is the cool back, they are awesome, never make sore backs and they don't get as hot as other pads over long periods of time.

and the box of stuff, not all are full, but most are at least half full, so I think its a pretty good deal.

And still no foal :( although it does look closer.

I heard something the other day and not sure if its true or fluke or a wives tale or whatever, but was kinda interesting. They say if a normally docile mare gets grouchy, it could be a colt, because of the extra testosterone. Not sure if its true, but all along Belle has been grouchy, and she is normally the most timid horse I have, but now she is the boss out in the mares. So kinda curious and we will have to see what she has.


CCC said...

Awesome cutter. We had some time to kill on Saturday between go rounds at the barrel futurity and went to visit the Remington carriage museum, a guided tour. I didn't know the Canadian company McGlochlan Carriage Co. started making cars then sold it all to Buick and at one time they were making and selling 150,000 carriages a year. I think it was Studebaker that was the big company in the US. Saw lots of cutters but I think yours is better.

CCC said...

Can I reguess my day for the May 6 if nothing happens today?

Crystal said...

Ive always wanted to go through that museum but have never had time. You are so lucky!

I would like a democrat or something like that, but you gotta have a pretty good team for them.

Shirley said...

The Remington Museum is awesome. Take lots of Kleenex to wipe your drool when you go. Your cutter looks good; any idea when it was made?

fernvalley01 said...

The cutter is gorgeous! looks like lots of good stuff!
I will leave my guess as colt , MAy 4

Crystal said...

Not sure when its from, all I know is the couple completly restored it, and it looks original, but not sure of the date

Linda said...

Nice cutter!