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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Answers and Confusion


Sometimes I wonder. I had Shirley's prize all packed up and ready to send away on Friday when Neil went to town, so I sent it with him asking him to get the postage and mail it. Simple right?? Well apparently not so much, he never dais anything about it, so I just assumed he mailed it (I should know better than to assume things by now) Well last night he says he seen the package in the truck and mailed it yesterday! Yikes I wish Id have known at least, so your prize is on the way, well just call it a present for happy spring! I did say you won anyways and can't really change that, so Happy Spring to You!

I will also give Linda a prize, cause she really did know what was going on even if I seen him and she didn't.

Umm what else, Oh ya, I am confused and actually hoping all your guesses are wrong in the contest, not because i don't think you know what yo are talking about, but I really want a bay filly from Belle before the end of May, and a colt from Razz before July! yikes, that's so late and I want it sooner.

hmm oh and apparently there is only one red female puppy (I thought there were 3 red females and one black female and its the other way around) and she is not sold yet. She is the one with the dot on her head. She and Rascal and the other nameless red male actually look like they are tri colored with a little tan on them as well.

She is the one on the left side facing the camera. It looks like she will be short haired so far. (that's actually Jardi's favorite pup.) That's the only pic I have of her, they move around so much now they are hard to tell which I had and which I didn't.

I think I should maybe go back to school and learn all about he differences between girls and boys, because that's twice in a week now.


fernvalley01 said...

Whenever they come I hope they are healthy babies.

Shirley said...

I'll let you know when the package gets here, and thanks!
I'm sure you'll love the foals, no matter what they are.

CCC said...

Welcome to the ranks of "The Confused". Happens to me every day but not so much about the boy/girl thing. I'm pretty sure I could teach that class.

Rising Rainbow said...

Boys, girls, I've been known to screw that up a few times. It happens to the best of us.

prairierunner said...

LOL we have all been confused at one time or another! Hope the babies are healthy and hopefully exactly as you want!