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Friday, May 21, 2010

So Exciting

Well I have exciting news! I met a girl last week who is interested In Gypsy. She really wants Fly, but her husband doesn't want a baby, so I said Gypsy is well broke, and she thought that might be better. And she is trying to talk her husband into the colt as well.

Oh and I missed an excellent opportunity for pictures of Fly this morning as he was running in cause I got sidetracked when I seen Belle has wax! I was surprised to see that when I looked at her this morning, however I shouldn't have, cause she has been acting weird lately, so maybe she will actually foal on time. Shes due today I think.

And less exciting is I got the garden rototilled and I need to sharpen the blades I think and do it again cause I sure couldn't get it to dig in more than a couple inches. I might wait till Monday after all the rain is gone.

Oh ya and sounds like my Mommy might be coming up this weekend so visit. That's always fun, and she just cant wait to see the baby (or maybe babies)


fernvalley01 said...

Thinking good thoughts for youir potential sale , and the new foal coming

CCC said...

Oh no. I guessed too late a date? Hoping it's yellow at least.

Crystal said...

Im hoping its bay, lol Well see

Shirley said...

Hope you're having a good weekend with your mom and that the sale of your mare goes well.