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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Have Wax

Man sometimes I wish I lived in town. Like today, I had to drive to the doctor just for him to tell me that he will take a swab of my throat and just keep doing what I am doing. He did tell me to try strepsils lozenges because they have lidocaine in them to help freeze my throat. So I did, and they really work, it lasts about hour and a half. Pretty nice!

(our last heifer and her calf, Yay)

Okay back on subject. When I went out after supper to check on them, I see Gypsy is waxing. And since it is so icky out, we moved the heifers out of the corral, and let the mares in there. Gypsy walks right through the gate and into the shed, the others had to look around at everything in there, and then eventually settled down and hid in the shed too. I left the gate open so they can go out if they want, but I expect they will stay there all night.

(hanging out in the shed watching Bailey be silly and run around)

I'm so excited, maybe tomorrow, maybe Friday, who knows, but at least we are progressing again. I dont feel to bad, a friend had her mare AI'd on May 10 and she still hasn't foaled yet. Shes almost at a year! They sure can be different, seems more are late than on time though.

(Bailey asking to come in and Belle saying "only if your quiet", lol)


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like things are progressing Looks like a May 07 baby might be the right guess after all. Good luck to all and hope you get feeling better

Linda said...

Probably not til the eighth ;) Hope you're staying out of the mud.

Linda said...

Congrats....I see on FB it's a girl!