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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I glanced outside yesterday afternoon and saw the weirdest thing. On top of a pole in our yard was a cat! I had to take a closer look, so I went out and sure enough its Fluffy. The crazy cat we got from my sister. I asked for a short haired kinda friendly one and I get a super long haired wild one! Sheesh family. Anyways hes a good farm cat cause he doesn't bother us, doesn't hang around the house, and eats tonnes of gophers and mice. Who knew.

When we first got him, about a week later he was on top of the power pole and Neil wanted to rescue him. I wouldn't let him cause if the cat can get up there, he can get down and it ain't worth risking Neils life to save a cat. Sure enough before I could get my camera, he was down again. So being on a pole isn't entirely new for him, just odd for me.

Well I was out there getting a picture of him I got a picture of Belles funny white butt but its not very good, only shows one side. I also got a video of her, but its boring cause the baby quit kicking as soon as I hit record.

And we cant forget Fly even if he doesn't have any friends yet


fernvalley01 said...

He has a birds eye view up there , maybe he is scoping out his hunting territory

CCC said...

The funniest things happen at your house.