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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well no new foal yet, not sure when its gonna be, but getting impatient. I even went away overnight and no foal even so! I thought that would bring it on, but I guess shes not ready yet!

Friday I went to my Moms and we had another scrap booking night and I made an album for my niece's grad next Saturday. It still needs pictures of course, but I think she will like it. I also got quite a bit of my own work done as well, but I am still back in October of 2009. Guess I just have to go get more scrap booking weekends :)

Then I stayed over at my mothers and this morning was the draft horse sale in Olds and I had bought my Belgians there 4 years ago and have gone every year and I enjoy looking at whats there and usually en up with something. This year I got two saddle pads (one cool back which is awesome! and an ucky one) for $5, and a milk crate of fly sprays and show sheens and shampoo and stuff for $20. And then I thought I was done and this most beautiful cutter came through and I had to have it! I have been looking at them for along time and now I finally have one. It is totally redone and ready to go. I LOVE it.

It is still in the back of my truck so I will get pics tomorrow as we unload it in the sea can.

There were a couple horses there I coulda come home with, but I'm not ready this year, maybe next spring, and this time I will buy one totally broke double and single and hopefully to ride as well. I would like a Belgian Mare, but I'm not totally stuck on them, I would be willing to look at others if there isn't anything appropriate.

Neil was kinda upset I bought anything because he thinks we should be saving and not buy anything, but later he was okay with it and wants to go for a ride next winter. Now I just gotta get a horse ready. I think Razz would look cute pulling it, but nor sure she would make a good driving horse,kinda sensitive. Maybe Gypsy, and maybe Dinero, well have to see how he goes.


Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you had a successful day.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a good day , and a new cutter! yay! they are so much fun. Hopefully foal watch amount to something soon

Shirley said...

I love going to horse sales; you can always find some good deals in the tack portion. I got Beamer's pink fleece cooler for $25 at the Rimbey Auction last year, and lots of other stuff too. Have fun teaching your harness prospect!

Crystal said...

hehe pink for Beamer, thats two people now I know have pink coolers for thier stud horses.