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Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter (Boring) Time

Well It has been winter here for way too long.  I don't mind the snow (really...really I don't!)  its mostly the cold weather I dislike.  It makes it way to cold to go outside for any amount of time, and so that means I can't do anything with my babies, or even ride it is just too cold. 

All it means is I am bored.  I hate being cooped up inside. It has only been a few days since I got home Monday and then Wednesday I went to Hanna for a haircut, the chiro (who made me feel like Rice Krispies) and the doctor.  Oh he told me I tore the quadratic muscle in my arm and I should let it rest for a few weeks and if not better, he will see to doing something more about it like MRI because it should be better.  It is a weird thing he has never seen before, but from the area it is sore, he cant imagine it would be anything else.  The way he described it sounds like it makes total sense.  But saying that, I am not entirely sure it wasn't broken to start with either, but that should be mostly healed by now.  The muscle is the one between the two bones in my forearm that are responsible for twisting it to palm up and palm down.  He wants me to keep it still with the palm down and not move it.

It kinda sucks cause I can't even do anything to entertain myself, I have read a book a day and tried to cross-stitch, but I think that's too hard on the arm, exercising is out cause its hard to not move the arm unless its like sit ups or stretching.so besides hanging around on the computer its boring.

I also am missing out this weekend on my chance to go ride Karcy again because the weather is so awful we don't want to drive up there.  I guess its probly for the better, I don't need to be impatient and I should take my time deciding if I will get her.  I even figured I can probly afford her if I don't get a new saddle this year without selling any horses,  not that I shouldn't sell any horses, but if they dont sell, I will  still be okay.  I really want a new saddle, and I should probly get a cutting one (rather than my ranch one, lol) but until I do, I know I can always borrow one of Jardis.

I did get a couple pics of the colts before the storm and afterwards, they are so sweet, i sure enjoy having them around, even if I don't do that much with them yet, they will get thier turn.  They are really starting to enjoy themselves out there, they used to just eat and sleep, now I catch them running around and playing, but they always stop as soon as they notice me.  I even hear one whinnying to me, but Im not sure which one it is yet, cause they stop as soon as they see me,  its pretty cute and kinda funny cause they don't whinny to Neil.



Love your photos ! Sorry to hear your arm is still not doing well, as for the winter and bordem I hear ya, I have had enough of it now as well, I have been sucking it up and going outside to do my photography but its cold and I cant stay out long ! Have a warm and safe weekend.

Fiona said...

Thanks for stopping by Crystal.
I cannot begin to imagine what your winters are like. Our winters probably aren't much different to spring really!
Sorry to hear about your arm. You try and stay warm.
Take care ... Fiona.

Linda said...

I hate being cooped up too but I hate being cooped up as a passenger in the tractor even worse.

Shirley said...

Hang in there and take it easy on that arm! I love the pic with Jamaica and Jazz.

gowestferalwoman said...

pocket ponies" is what we call them - its wonderful when they are happy to see you...

that stinks about the arm...I can imagine that you are getting cabin fever in large doses! I know when im cooped up too long then its outside i go, otherwise I try to learn something new -like with the camera, or cruisin' the internet for wallpaper that i wont buy lol or ahem...baking...lol! Hang in there, springs coming!

DayPhoto said...

Winter is just so very long. And being tied up with a hurt arm/shoulder makes it even longer.
Every day I count done until spring.
Helps me, anyway.


Rising Rainbow said...

I hate being cooped up. Hate recovering even more. Sounds like there's not much you can do with that hand. Hope you heal up quickly.