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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally Home

Well we got up Sunday morning and it wasnt any better, the rain of Friday night made ice on the road underneath about 6-8 inches of snow.  It was not a fun day to drive, so we stayed a while and waited.  In the middle, we rode again.  I rode Razz on the flag in the morning and she is improving amazingly, but I think I need to wear spurs on her just to get more specific movement.  After we were done, our horses were tired and sweaty, so we hosed them off, Razz has never been hosed off cause i have only rode her in the winter, but she didnt even move the whole time, I was pretty proud of her.

After lunch we wanted to ride again, but our horses were tired, so Vic said we could use some of his.  I rode Twister, Charlene rode Smartie (a 17 year old gelding who has cut his whole life, anyone can get on him and get a score) and Maddie rode Karcy.  After a  turn on the flag, me and Char traded and I rode Smartie on the flag.  He was pretty fun, but I liked Twister better.  I phoned home to see what the weather was like at home and Neil told me not to come home.  I sure dont hear that very often thankfully!!  But he meant I wouldnt make it in the yard for snow.

It was still icky out, so we stayed over and Monday morning we rode our horses early on the flag, taking a pretty easy ride cause we figured we were gonna go home that afternoon.  We took a quick break and rode Vics horses again, this time Maddie on Twister, Char on Smartie (we were entertaining thoughts of buying him to learn off of) and I rode Karcy.  I wasnt overly enthused about her cause I seen Vic ride her one time and Maddie the day before and she looked ok, but nothing special, but I sure liked her when I got on her.  I was having a blast just riding then we turned on the flag, and she was so there!  It was amazing riding ahorse that is so interested in what you are doing and still listening to the riders body.  I rode her one handed on the flag and when I stopped she stopped and it was awesome. 

I sure could have taken her home.  I am still thinking about her now.  I am gonna go up one other time and try her on cows a few times and then make a decision.  I will have to sell one or two of mine to do this, but I am already trying to sell Gypsy and I could sell Dinero for her I think. 

We got to Jardis and decided to leave the horses in the barn with blankets on because after 4 days in a heated barn it was a little cold outside.  I told Jardi I never had a blanket on Razz before but she should be fine cause she had had lots of coolers on before.  The snow at our house was crazy! I couldnt believe how much it had drifted in the yard.


Shirley said...

Glad you made it safely home. I saw the weather forecast for your area today and it was not nice.
Sounds like you've got the cutting bug bad!

Linda said...

I see your yard is drifted up some too......gotta love winter and indoor arena's.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Some big changes for you. Sounds like you've discovered something you really enjoy and can't get enough of. I hope Raz works out for you and takes you where you want to go. :)

Brrrr. Looks so cold there...but good for you still riding.


gowestferalwoman said...

that sounds like very fun 'snow days" to me- and boy did you guys get snow...

your new prospect sounds like a keeper; she wants to work with you, i can see why your tempted to get her!