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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Jan 21, 2011

Thursday was an amazing day and I got so much accomplished, sometimes it scares me when things go so well!  I went early and got a bunch of things done in town before I went riding.  I got the flooring (finally!!) for the basement room, I went to the bank, the grocery store, got my pictures from Christmas printed and had lunch. 

Then I headed out to go riding.  I got on Tom first and he was pretty good.  I can't wait till Sunday if the weather stays nice we are gonna ride outside and I will take him.  He is pretty nice when he tries, which isn't unless you can convince him to which takes a lot of effort. 

Then I rode Razz with Charlene riding Ricky.  And she is always good, I even did a bunch of rollbacks on her even if I hate doing them with her.  I think it's becasue Bailey is so awesome at rollbacks and its an effort with Razz.  I also noticed she tries to leave about half way through the turn, so a few times we turned right around and she is getting better, but still not real good.

Then after that I rode Gypsy.  She neck reins so nice, I forget how to ride with one hand, so its a good refresher for me to get on her everyonce in a while a practice.  Charlene's friend was gonna come out and I was gonna get her to ride Gypsy, but she was busy, so I ended up riding her and she was really good.  I love that I can rate her speed so nice, at any gait. That is something I still struggle with with my other horses. 

Then today I went and rode Razz again and she finally got 3!!! steps of counterbending the way we have been having trouble with forever!  I was pretty excited about it and after that we quit, it took us like 20 tries today, but we got a start, hopefully tommorow won't take so many tries!  Then I rode Tom again cause Jardi made me, lol.  He is getting better but two days in a row was like a workout for me!

We are heading up to Ponoka again for tomorrow and just doing practice cattle afterwards and maybe I will get a chance to ride Karcy again.  I really would like to try her on cattle and I have a few more questions about her before I make and decisions, but so far she a like:)


Shirley said...

Who is Tom? Is he your horse or Jardi's?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! You got a lot done. You go girl! And all that riding is awesome!
Question: Do you do ground work with each before riding, or do you just get on and ride?

That rabbit photo is stunning. I've never seen a rabbit in their winter snow coat. So pretty!


fernvalley01 said...

Go Crystal! you have ridden more this winter than I have the last two years! I am jealous!

CCC said...

You are getting a lot done. Have fun in Ponoka.


WOW ! sounds like alot was done, its a nice feeling when that happens !Love the bunny photo.
Glad to hear your getting alot of riding in ! Have a great day !

gowestferalwoman said...

Wow - productive in the winter, kudos to you! I havent ridden since the last snow dump...and it keeps dumping! WHERES THE CHINOOOKS???

Karcy - lets have more pictures so we can talk you into getting her! :D