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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snowy Days

So it snowed here a little yesterday and it was a awful day so I mostly stuck inside and did warm jobs.  Today it is cooler out but the wind is gone and I am hoping the sun will come out this afternoon (hoping!)  So its also an indoor day till I can't stand it anymore being inside.

It is a laundry sort of day, I figure that should warm up the house a little.  And I am thinking I might even get ambitious enough to bake, although I have no raisins so I can not make my favorite pumpkin raisin bars, which I was gonna make for coffee we had at my house Tuesday.  I hate winter.  I am so not ready for bundling up and cold weather.  I thought it might be OK cause it gets less busy, but no I am so not ready for winter, makes me sad to have to wear a coat.  But I did get out of hauling heifers from Donalda today cause our neighbor wanted to go see out place up there, so he headed up with Neil today.  I can only imagine it is super wet out up there.


Shirley said...

Bleah!! Hopefully this won't last and you'll still have some good riding weather before real winter.

Country Gal said...

I don't like wearing winter coats either ! But as we live in Canada we have to expect it don't we ?! I like winter if it is mild but not the bone cold days ! Have a good day !

Cheyenne said...

I think it's supposed to warm up by the weekend, so a lil' reprieve before the real winter onslaught should be good. My Dad had an appt in the city today and there were parts that were sheer ice. I hope it's smooth enough for your husband heading to Donalada today. Glad you're home warm & cozy. As my little girl would say, "home is best!"