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Monday, October 1, 2012

Jazz In School

So for 2 weeks now I have had Jazz and Razz in the corral with plans to work with Jazz and ride Razz.  But for some unknown reason I was super nervous about working with jazz.  How silly is that.  All my horse life I have had young horses and I never was worried about what I was doing even if I had no idea I just done it anyways.  Part of it I think was my non succesful work with Magic earlier this year, still not sure what to do there, but moving on to a horse I like that was not handled when I got her (lol as she was born here)

It was so bad I was even shaking by the time I got out there, would have been so easy to just walk away but they saw me and were coming over so I sucked it up and in I went.  Sure glad she is not afraid of people or it would be easier to walk away but probly wouldn't have bothered me as much cause the reason I think I am nervous is I really like her and don't want to mess her up.

Well I started with catching and tying up Razz and then as Jazz was trying to get in the way all the time over to her.  I know she is super sensitive on her nose (always has been) ans so putting the halter on is kinda a chore.  She is funny cause she doesn't try to get away, she just dives her nose right in.  So I have to make sure I am ready when she does.  It worked perfect this time and I walk her to the fence and tie her up too.  Funny how as little time I have spent actually handling her she is pretty easy going and I rarely have trouble.
(kinda unsure what I am doing)
Well I really only planned on currying them and picking up feet and trying on my new hackmore on Razz.  So first I curry Jazz (planned on Razz but Jazz was so convenient)  and she is so good, a little high headed when I get near her head, but the rest of her body is fine, under her belly, her chest, legs, and butt she don't care if I touch.  But I see she does need a little work on the mane cause it is a mess!  I never spent the time last summer to spray her, so that may wait a bit yet.
(mane is twisted and on wrong side, what a mess!!)
Then I brushed Razz and she loves her tummy being brushed and she just stood there with her head stretched out at eyeballs rolled back.  I like her to show Jazz she can enjoy it, I think she learns by watching me interact with the other horses quite a bit.
(I love my Pretty girl!)
Then I went to pick up Jazz's feet and she was so good, the first foot I had to pull on the hair a bit but the others she just picked up when I run my hand down her leg.  That surprised me, I thought it would be a little more of a fight, so I left it at that, we will work on it a little each day and I will hold them up longer and even clean them out.

Then onto the face, I know I have to do more with her nose, but I want her to be able to trust me yet and so I reached my hand over her nose and onto her forehead, she pulled away a little at that but realized soon it was like I do when she has no halter on.  I was careful not to touch her nose yet ( I will accidentally soon, lol) but I had my whole arm in front of her face.
(Who couldn't love that face, not the prettiest shot I have ever taken though)
Then she was done, I praised her and let her go.  Then tried my new hackmore on Razz and somehow the hanger doesn't sit right so I will have to figure that out.  Pretty happy with how it went.  I was real tempted to leave the halter on Jazz but I don't like to unless I have to and so I didn't, she might as well get used to it going over her nose now.


Country Gal said...

That's great! She sounds like she is quite the placid one and enjoys you there ! Like any animal the more you work with them the easier it can get for both ! Lovely photos they are beautiful horses ! Have a good day !

Shirley said...

I sure understand about being nervous about handling young horses. Usually al it takes is just getting in there and getting started though. Your Jazz sounds like a willing partner. Baby steps!

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a good session with Jazz, and I am so glad to read you did not leave the halter on, that scares me when I see horses esp young ones turned out with a halter on.If it is not a breakaway it can mean the end of your horse very quickly.My sister in law lost one just last month in a "safe" pen with a halter, and she still found a way to get hung up

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Awww...What a cutie.

I wonder if the white on the nose has anything to do with her sensitivity? Beretta has a very white/pink nose and doesn't particularly care to have me touch it either.