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Friday, October 12, 2012

Heifers from Donalda

So yesterday Neil and our neighbor Craig headed up to our north place to pick up our heifers.  The ground was a little snowy in the morning and it can get really bad up there, so we wanted them home before we couldn't get them home.

They left about 9 and stopped for lunch up there and got back here about 5, so not too long a day.  I generally end up going but if just me and Neil haul it takes 2 trips for me and 3 for Neil so its easier to hire someone to haul them all in one trip (and cheaper too).  I kinda liked staying at home but it was weird cause I kept wondering how it was going all day.

But they came home and we left them in the corral overnight and chased them out to the cows this morning, almost went too smoothly.  Then we hung around inside and had cocktails before supper.  I had to move Razz and Jazz out of the corral and in too a different pen so they could unload the heifers and they were quite happy to follow me (and my oats, lol) into a pen that had some grass in it so it worked good for me I didn't have to feed last night.   But they were quite happy to get out of there this morning though.
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Cheyenne said...

Nothing finer than everything going smoothly. Hooray for havin' 'em home!

Country Gal said...

Glad it all went ok . Have a good day !

gowestferalwoman said...

yay! cows in the truck mean money in the bank ;)

with all the fences down this year due to fire, every time we come home there are new cows all over the place...neighbor called and said to keep our eyes open for about a 100 head of yearlings :o!