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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back At It

On Saturday I called for a lesson and it was good so away we went.  It had been so long that I wasnt sure how it would work out. I knew we were gonna do the flag cause its been forever and I wasnt really expecting much.  But much to my surprise Jessie was really good.  A little slow to stop on one end, but shes always that way going right and then tries to turn in, once I can get her to stop quick enough and stand straight she is so cool, she even had some draw when going left :)

Doug thought I fell of the face of the earth cause I hadn't been in so long so I told him Neil was sick and I got to do all the calving and then it was branding season.  He got hurt as well and was off for a couple months and still a little sore so I am glad I didn't go any earlier than this.  He actually competed in Calgary and got 3rd, I thought that was pretty good for coming back, but he said it was a good little horse, total show horse that's way better at a show than at home she loves it.

I also told him we had been moving cows and helping sort cows and he said that's good for her to do the same job in a different environment.  And I mentioned she pulled a few calves at branding and was so good and I asked if she had ever been roped off and he said definitely not and so that was good she really was a good as I thought she was.  He was quite surprised she was that good first few calves.  I like I can use my show horse for more than just showing I always thought it was good for them but now I know it is.

We went to Strathmore afterwards and stopped at K & K Livestock and I got a new saddle pad.  I knew I wanted one for a long time and I wanted to try the impact gel ones cause I heard how good they are and so that's what I got.  Jst plain black and beige and I will mostly try to keep it for showing but I wanna use it a few times first to make sure I and Jessie like it.

Then we stopped for lunch and bought KFC for supper (and lunch on Sunday) and then headed home.  Was a longer day than planned but it was good.  I never thought of it till I was back home but I shoulda brought my iPad so I coulda got my friend to video, she like it cause then she can watch and video at the same time.  Maybe next time I will do that.


lisa said...

Very nice, saddle pad. Glad to hear you got to take another lesson!

CDH said...

Cool pad. How does the gel pad work for you? I've never used one.

cdncowgirl said...

I don't have "fancy" pads... well I sorta used to, the Professional Choice air ride ones. Now I pretty much stick to my plain old ugly grey super thick wool pads. I wish they were prettier, but they do such a good job I just suck it up lol

Hey, have you rode that Dee horse yet?