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Thursday, July 10, 2014


I planted a garden this summer, I wont show a pic of it today cause it is so weedy its hard to see where the plants are, maybe if it cools off I will get a chance to weed but when its 34 outside not happening!

But I had planned for a few years to put in a perennial garden north of my greenhouse and so last summer I dug up the grass and not much else haha that was more work then I expected, it was old grass been there a long time and well rooted.  But this spring I bought some plants so I had to do something, I decided I don't like trimming and I don't want grass to grow in the flower bed so I put 2 rows of bricks level with the ground around the outside and put sand around to hold them in place.  It is a triangle so not perfect but I think it will work.  Then I rototilled it up and put in half a bag of peat moss and rototilled again and then planted the plants.  I have cedar mulch to put in but I wanna wait till next spring to make sure all the plants survive.  So it went from this:

To this, I know a few don't look good, a little stressed but it was super hot and they got a little dry before I planted them, but I have 3 months before winter (I hope) and so I am hoping they recover enough to last all winter, I have burlap to cover the beds this winter to protect them some.

(those along the front are annuals just to fill space)

(Some kind of red Daisy)

(groundcover, might have to get more of this its hardy)

(I cant remember but its pretty and drought tolerant 
so far its handled all this summer the best)

(And larkspur, so pretty but fragile and much smaller 
than they said it would be...so far)

And my lilies on the south of the greenhouse they are so awesome and not open yet but I cant seem to get any others to live I have tried 2 different kinds so I am hoping these will just take oer the whole area one day haha.

Also the planters are coming along nicely and I am pretty happy with them,  a few I think I wont get again next year but some I sure will.  As long as I remember what they are come next spring.
(Thunbergia is not a vine anymore it just grows in the bottom of the planter :( )

(my hanging baskets are pretty )

(not overly fond of the waves, they are the pink ones, 
kinda prefer the regular white petunias more)

(love the vines around these multi colored flowers from the same plant. 
 These close up at night its kinda cool)

So far happy with the flowers don't take too much care and still alive :)                                                                                                    

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I was just thinking about my flower garden at my old house, wondering if it is still there and growing. The renters include a professional gardener, so hopefully it looks better than when I took care of it.