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Friday, July 25, 2014


After my lesson last Saturday I visited a bit and then headed home, I was home about 7 and fed the ponies cause it kinda looked like rain.  about 8 we had a huge storm cloud over our place and I grabbed my camera and took some pics, then Neil came in the yard with Bob so I got in and he drove me out a little farther down the road and I got some better pics.  We left about 10 minutes later cause we didn't want to be caught in it and we just got in the house and the rains came!  At first it looked like it was heading south and the all the sudden started heading straight east towards us.  Inch and a quarter in about half hour!  What a mess that left us.  Kinda sucked for our hay that was down, but we did need moisture, it just woulda been nice if it was about a month ago.

After that, Monday we got another 6/10ths and then Wed another 2/10th and today its raining again.  Well I guess our hay will be clean......good thing its just for cows not so much for calves who need the extra nutrients.  But at least this should grow our oats and the grass we planted, I'm thinking our cows will be eating more greenfeed than hay this year, which is alright for them.

And I do have an update on Dee coming up, just got behind posting and so am trying to catch up while keeping stuff in order.


lisa said...

Those are some awesome clouds, wow! Rain is ok if you get it gradually but not so much when it gives you gully washers! I sure now you feel when it rains on downed hay :( We are lucky enough to have tedder and if that happens we can ted it and hopefully it turns out ok.

Country Gal said...

Awesome shots of the dark clouds ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

CDH said...

Wow! Those clouds look ominous! Really cool looking. I love a good storm!

Kalin Ann said...

Wow! What cool photos!!