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Monday, April 4, 2011

Water Trough

Ever since we moved the heifers up into the corral so they can calve, we had to move my colts to a bigger pen.  This is okay with them, but there is no automatic waterer in there.  There is a water trough with a hydrant beside it, so its not too bad especially in the summer, but now the water freezes every night.

So we only fill it a little bit every day and it freezes a little bit so we just put more water on top of the ice.  This actually works benificial because there is a hole in the bottom of the trough that is now filled with ice so it doesn't leak any more.

But it means every day I have to go out there and fill it just enough to give them enough water to drink but not too much it will be full before the weather warms up enough to thaw it.  It is pretty quick and I am usually only out there just enough time to turn it on and go get oats for them then when I get back to it I can turn it off.

I think it's kinda cool how the water goes under the ice and bubbles.


Country Gal said...

We never had troughs that had water automatically fill them on our farm when I was a kid we had to hose it in from the house or lug bukets full lol Our horses would drink from the hole in the ice lol and chew the hole open more. Thnks for the post it brought back this memeory for me. Have a great day !

fernvalley01 said...

Pretty soon it will be time to pack away the stock tank heaters for another year, hopefully I wont put them in such a safe palce I cant find them again! Or maybe I will find the one I put away last year?

lisa said...

Don't you hate that. We don't have automatic waterer's because of such few numbers of animals, we have to put stock tank heater in the water.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I didn't bother to get any heaters this last winter either and had to do the same thing. It's not too bad if the temps are mildish. Sucked pond water when we had those really cold spells. Whew...glad that is over for another year...here at least. ;-)

Linda said...

We use tank heaters but then we've got cattle coming in to water in the same places.