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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Disco Moves

Wednesday morning as I was doing chores, I had a look at my ponies and Disco was looking a little thin, which I was not suprised about, so I thought I would put her in with the babies and she can eat hay off a bale instead of foraging from the prarie grasses.  So I did so this yesterday morning.

She has such a cute little head, it seems so out of place with her big pregnant belly :)

The babies were pretty curious about her.  As soon as I walked in with her, Fly come up and long before he got to he she had kicked out at him, and boy was he suprised!  It was so quick I never got it on picture.

Jamaica also got told not to come too close either.

He couldn't figure out what had just happened!

Then Jazz had to have her turn figuring out who was taking over their pen.

Fly kept wandering around trying to find a way to get closer, it was pretty entertaining.

I had to stand out there for a long time watching them cause they were so funny.

Fly looks so much bigger than Disco, but I'm sure hes not yet (at least I hope not!)

He just had to try one more time...

I'm sure they will get along just fine, it will be good for them to have someone show them they aren't the boss anymore.  Easier an older horse than me for now.


Anonymous said...

Those babies will learn some manners from her! Cute pictures - love the expressions!

Shirley said...

Some entertaining herd dynamics there. When is Disco due?

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm sure the youngsters will learn plenty from the crabby pregnant mare. Best teachers in the world, those mares are.

DayPhoto said...

Cool post! Love seeing all the photos!