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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Saddle

Since I have been cutting, I knew I needed a new saddle.  I have been looking around and asked a bunch of people what they use.  Jardi and Charlene and Susan use Vic Bennets.  I have tried them and they are okay, but I like Jardi's older one but not her new one, Susan has the same as Jardis new one, and Charlene's is a little different.  I don't mind them but wanted to see what else there was.

I have heard from numerous people a Teskey saddle isn't good.  I haven't heard anything good about them fitting a horse, so I am staying away from them.  There are also Billy Cooks, and I don't think they are too bad, but I didn't really like them. Also RooHides,  they are really popular, but I think they sit quite wide and since they are sooo soft I have heard trainers say they just don't hold up to people who want to ride every day.  Although that is what Guy Heintz was using.

So I was at the ACHA clinic and a bunch had these Sean Ryon saddles, so when I got home I looked them up and see they are only sold in Texas but they look really nice, but I was pretty sure I wouldnt be able to get one cause I didn't want to order and have one come and not like it.

Then Saturday March 26, Charlene and I headed up to Irvine's Tack and Trailer to buy jeans and look at boots.  I got a set of four Professionals Choice Elite boots for $99!!! They were on clearance cause the package has changed.  Anyway they mostly had Teskey and I didn't want one, so we headed to K & K Livestock in Strathmore where we do most of our tack shopping. 

We were looking around, they had lots of Roo Hides and no Vic cutters, but we go around the other side and much to my suprise there was a Sean Ryon!  I was amazed!  I sat in it and I coulda stayed there all day, so comfortable.  I talked to Karen and said I want to bring my horse there and try it on her and she said I could take it home and ride in it a couple times and then I would know for sure if I like it!!  I was so on that, so I did but we never had time on Saturday to ride, but we did put it on Razz and it seemed to fit her really well.  We put it on Kali and it looked a little big especially in the loins, but she should fill out a little and I will see later if it will fit her.  So far it seems to fit her, I have rode her in it quite a bit and it seems fine.

While there I also bought a lighter blanket for Kali cause her other one was rubbing and I don't think she needed another winter blanket cause its supposed to be spring.  On our way home we stopped at Lammles and they had jeans on sale so I ended up with two pairs and a bottle of MTG and a dress shirt all for  $115!! 

I went back on Sunday and after cleaning stalls for Jardi, I saddled up Razz in the new saddle and rode her!  I love it!  Oh man it was so comfortable and I coulda rode in it forever.  I so love it, so I phoned Karen and told her and she called the consigner and see what kind of price she can get for me.  She got me a good deal except he wanted the Nettles stirrups back so she gave me a comprable wooden pair, but I had an engraved aluminum pair I put on and they are super comfortable.


Shirley said...

That looks like a pretty nice saddle; not as flat as the old "cutting board" style.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Pretty nice, no brush popping with those fancy stirrups. I like the rough out touch.

Linda said...

I wouldn't trade my Wade for it but then I'm not doing what you are. Comfort is key for me anymore ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad you found a saddle you lie but I think it's weird it didn't come with the stirrups even if they were silver.

fernvalley01 said...

Great finds all of them , especially on the saddle working out

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You're the third person I've come across who has bought a new saddle recently. Must be a "Spring thing". lol!



BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh, the joy of a comfortable new saddle. That looks like a nice one.

I have been in heaven with my new Cactus Ladies All-Around. I guess I will have to save up to buy Megan one, cause I have totally overed on the one we just bought. ;-)

I decided to sell my old Billy Cook barrel saddle. I used to love that saddle, but I have gotten smaller since I bought it and it's too big for me. I didn't really realize how much too big it was until I bought the new saddle and am so comfortable in it. Am also probably selling one of my barrel saddles (the fenders push my feet back when I'm running barrels), so hopefully I will have a good nest egg started toward another new saddle. ;-)

A Mini Beginning said...

Beautiful saddle for a beautiful horse!

paint_horse_milo said...

Congrats! I have heard a lot of good things about the Sean Ryons and have a few friends who use them in fact. You should be happy with your invesement.

books, bikes, beer said...

Hi, I found your blog a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying reading about your rides and approaching spring.

The new saddle looks great. I just got a new one myself, a standard ranch/trail saddle. I'm curious to learn what the big differences are in cutting saddles and the other saddles you ride in for your ranch work. I look forward to reading more about it.


gtyyup said...

I wanna go shoppin' with you! What a fun day. The saddle looks like a pretty good buy...comfort and fit that's the main thing.