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Friday, April 15, 2011

Neils Birthday

Today is Neil's birthday, so we had his Mom and Dad and his sister and neice and nephew come up for the afternoon.  We had fried chicken and potato salad and cherry chip cake.  We used to always have a BBQ outside on his birthday, but it is way too cold out this year so we changed plans.

Yesterday I went riding and Razz was really good again, I sure am liking we are getting more consistant.  I can get her to slow trot after about two steps now and we are still working on the lope, I think that will still take more time cause she doesn't get it yet.  I never realized how little mane that it looks like she has in her picture, but she has a super thick mane and tail, so much so one guy at the clinic we went to said I she has more hair than he had horse.  It was funny.

I have gotten a couple inquiries on Jazz and so we will see where that goes.  I am not suprised about her cause she is a sweetheart and so cute.  I think I would really like her as a riding horse, but right now and all last year I liked Jamaica better.  No logical reason for that and he doesn't really think the same, but thats how it is.

If all goes right, we are heading up to Ponoka in the morning to pick up a horse for Charlene.  She is gonna ride him for a couple weeks and then probly buy him.  Its a different one then we looked at last week, she has had her eye on him since last fall and so we shall see how that tuens out.


lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Neil! I think I will bring Sirocco over to you and you can train him for me ;)

Linda said...

That's not nearly enough candles.....I'm sure of it. Happy Birthday Neil!

Country Gal said...

Happy Birthday Neil !
The cake looks yummy all though I have never heard of that type of cake.Hope you all
have a wonderful day

fernvalley01 said...

Happy Birthday Neil! Glad Razz is working so well for you

Shirley said...

Happy belated birthday to Neil!
Hope you get Jazz sold to a good home.
Any chance Charlene will start a blog?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a delicious birthday party. And some fun horse time for you, too.