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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


So I been thinking a lot about what to do with Easy.  My options are send him to Doug's and he can live there during show season, it would work but be a lot more expensive.  Or I can just pony him everywhere unless I can ride at home cause he's good to ride alone.  Or I can haul 3 and he can always have a buddy.  Or I think if I haul to Brooks and I'm alone when I ride Jess (which is most of the time there) I can just let him loose.  He's not crazy and neither is she will will work on just walk at first work our way up to trot and we will see about a lope after that.  I think he will be fine and if comes along with us just more exercise for him lol.  One thing I'm not gonna do is to tie him where there is anything he can get caught on.  I used to have an overhead tie place but we took it down cause was in the way, wonder if I can talk Neil into putting it back up somewhere....but where??
(The side scrape, looks bad but the least of our worries)

(and the front scrapes, they are the worrysome ones)

(and the swelling in the fetlock is gone down from yesterday, bad angle from the other foot tho)

I'm sure he hasn't seen hobbles and I'm not even sure that would help at this point, he can still rear and buck with them on and so not really a feasable option.  I've also talked to someone and have a calming spray but since he's kinda calm the rest of the time they figure it probly won't do much but I may try anyways.
(I like this purple one on Jess)

(not as sure about this one but I like the colorful noseband)

But today I went out there caught both and Easy was bobbing his head around like a goof not leaving just being weird.  I don't think he liked the drugs in his mouth.  I just waited and he quit and was good again for me giving them, just his way of saying he doesn't really want them I think.  But he needs them today at least, it's just bute so a painkiller for another day or so.
(our dugout is a bit full lol)

Then I finally tried on the halters Shirley made for me.  I got to get another rope for the teal one, I was using that purple rope on Easy before so that was handy.  Not sure which I will use on them but they are nice.

I just gooped up tails and brushed them and manes out today and that was about it.  Sun was shining and it was warm in the truck but still felt cold outside.  Tomorrow is another day have to see what I can come up with to do then lol.  I'm not very good at doing not riding stuff.  And I feel bad just giving his drugs and leaving.

Monday, February 27, 2017

OH Easy

Well I hauled Jess and Easy over and picked up a friend and her horse and headed to Michelson's on Saturday.  Rode Jess first and she rode her colt.  She's been working in the round pen then out to the big pen and she asked us to help keep her filly to the outside cause she doesn't have much steering yet.  One way shes really good the other she just wants to move in.  Jess wasn't overly enthusiastic about this she was OK right beside her but didn't want to bump her to get her to the outside.  But she tried.  Which made me laugh cause she has the grouchy ears down pat, but again she's all show lol.  Easy was actually not too bad tied in there and I thought we were making progress.  I rode him after and she cooled out Jess who is a giant after a 2 year old lol.  He was good we even loped a couple laps with his tiny rocking horse lope.  Haha he's so funny.

Then thought might as well go Sunday too so we did.  I left the horses at her place overnight and so went and picked up everyone and headed to the arena. I rode Easy first and he was good and then we thought he should help with the colt well he did not think that was a good idea and tried to kick out at her, not allowed ever!  So I gave him a big thump in the ribs with my spur and he hardly even moved.  But never tried that again and the colt actually stayed away from him lol.  Then it was Jess turn and when I tied him up he was being silly again and I just been ignoring it.  I was almost done thinking I should grab Easy and try ponying him in the arena for a bit.  Well before I got the chance he reared up and got his foot over the kick boards and stuck.  Oh crap!  I leaped of Jess and ran over there.  He tried getting it out and was tired actually sitting on his butt foot still stuck.  I tried to help but I can't lift him out.  He jumped up and got himself out, whew.  Heart attack moment.  He was pretty sore and figured we maybe should take him to get looked at just in case.

So we loaded up, called the vet clinic and she met us there.  He was walking a little better but still pretty sore.  He was already swollen under the armpit and a couple scrapes on his leg.  She said he looked like hes gonna be OK but watch him for extra swelling especially in the lower leg.  She gave him a long acting antibiotic (excenell, which I never knew they used for horses we have used it on cows tho) and a shot of Methocarbamol (which is a muscle relaxant like robaxacet) and shot of bute for pain.  Oh and she washed his leg and clipped around the scratches and put ointment on them.  She sent me home with 4 days of oral bute (apple flavor lol)  and a day of oral methocabamol.   And of course on a Sunday...seriously horses why not a weekday???

I finally got home last night at 10:30 and I was exhausted.  Didn't sleep very well but this morning the swelling under armpit is pretty much gone, no heat and he's walking good. There is a little swelling at fetlock but that's where he was caught so not a surprise.  I gave him his drugs and he was good about them.  He is supposed to be off 7 days so there's 1.  I may not do 5 days of bute will see how it goes.  I don't like to give more than he needs.  Maybe try pony him at a walk Friday or Saturday.

This puts me behind but what do I do.  I don't know what to do with him now.  I may just have to pony him and then ride him and pony Jess on opposite days.  They are both broke so that will work easier than trying to haul 3 so he has someone to stand beside.  I have no idea what to do to help him either.  It sucks.

Friday, February 24, 2017

This Week

Most weeks around here are pretty boring.  I like it that way.  I been going swimming on Tuesdays with a neighbor. I really enjoy that.  I never knew her very well but I like her and it gets me out and being social which is always a good thing.  And we go for lunch afterwards and I like to eat so that's good lol. And I started walking,  been nice enough out for that too, I sure love it when it gets warmer out.

 This week I was on my way home and saw a neighbor had a couple calves on the road.  It was right across from her house and I felt a bit dumb but I told her about them anyways.  And turns out it was a good thing cause she was 2 hours away.  So I turned around and put them in and fixed the gate.   Of course the day they get out she's not home...cows.

And since I got Easy in I figured I had better ride him since that was the plan.  So yesterday I loaded Jess and him and then turned out Razz.  I know I am better when there is only 2, I can lead them together and I get tired after riding 2 so having 3 in is just more work and I do it less.  When hauling anyways, at home not as big a deal.
(in the arena, they were washing bulls in the wash rack that's what hes looking at)

(he's so cute!  Even with sticks in his tail)

(and Jess is so big lol)

Got my arena membership and I'm good to go till October.  I did a good brushing, made sure no sore spots or anything on Easy and saddled up.  I was gonna pony him but he doesn't know how yet so I just closed the gates and let him loose.  He just followed me around wondering what I was doing lol.

So OK, I guess hes not gonna be silly so I got on and we walked and trotted, maybe 20 minutes total.  Was so nice to be on him again, he's a lot narrower and shorter than Jess :)  I actually even got on from the ground!  Yay now I can really get to riding him.   I plan on going this afternoon as well.  I'd like to ride at least 4 days a week, even though Doug told me 5 or preferably 6 days a week, we may get there when I can ride at home again.  Easy actually looked sad when I got off him so quick :)
(he's so different than Jess, thinner neck and higher head)

Then since I know he has alone issues I tied him in the big arena and went to get Jess.  Well I had closed the gates earlier between them so I figured I should open them and that took us out of his sight well the noise began.  I'm amazed how he can buck and rear while tied up and not pull the rope tight.  Quite a talent lol.  I had Jess ride around and we went towards him when he was quiet and away when he was bad.  She figured it out pretty quick.  I rode her though all speeds.  She likes to go really fast when we lope there cause we have barrel raced there and its a big arena.  So we worked on her slowing down while still loping.  And I tried your trick Mrs Shoes about using my seat to break into the lope it worked well.  I used the regular amount of legs and we did it!  first try!  She got pretty sweaty, I'm thinking I may need to break out the clippers for her at least to a trace clip and then could blanket if I need too.  We will see, I kinda wanna avoid shedding season lol I'm tired of breathing fur already.
(wasn't gonna include this video cause it was for the challenge, 
 but you can see Easy in the background being a dork)

Afterwards I gave them both a good grooming and did some stretches with Jess, I need to get some dots so I can see where her bones are and if they match up.  In a few weeks gonna go get them both a massage, maybe after a lesson and so I can find out what I'm doing for the summer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2017 Sedgewick Cutter Rally

I had never been to Sedgewick before, it's just down the road 10k from Killam and I had been there but never East.  But I know how far it was and they had a cutter rally and so I thought I'd go.  It was a nice day, not a lot of snow left here but they are north and so I figured a bit more there an no one said anything about it cancelled so off I went.

Kinda  a boring straight road up there, its straight north of here so 2 hours of the same old same old.  Eventually get into a few more trees and not too far north is all farm land so just keep looking out for cows and horses and its keeps it sorta interesting.  Said registration at 11 and hooking up at 11:30 and parade at noon.  Wasn't sure what that was about but figured I'd best get there at 11.  So I did and I saddled Jess then registered and they give everyone a number that we had to attach and I clipped mine to the breastcollar and it actually stayed put well.

Seemed like it took forever for everyone to get ready to go and they all had a practice run around the parking lot area and finally time to go.  We figured as riders we would be in the back and so we waited.  I guess they have spectators and so we made 2 laps around the track in a parade for them then headed out on the trail.  It was a bit different than most years cause the cutters need to stay on the snow so they made a different trail wherever there was snow.

When we got done the girls I was riding with decided I drove too far for that short ride so we took a tour through the parking lot and out by the new town office and the shops and the driving range.  Not too many cutter rallies do we end up on the road but it was good.  The one girls horse hadn't seen cutters or bells before and so he was a bit worried but calmed down as soon as we went the other way.   So perfect end for him too.

They had awards/prizes and lunch afterwards and I got the prize for being farthest away lol.  It was a bag of oats, last thing I need but I will use it.  Totally plan on going there again next year.  Maybe with Jax and skis for his cart.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Easy Peasy

So it was time to bring Easy back in and start getting him in shape.  Our first show is April 1/2 and so I guess I better get to lessons cause that is not very far away!  So since Neil wanted the geldings in so he could move the cows through that field I locked them in the alley way in the morning.  After he was done, had to wait a while got a few slow cows and they do move but on their own schedule so finally they were gone and I caught Easy and let out George and Jax and then caught Pally and led her out and then put Easy in with Jess and Razz.
(George's head looks so big lol)

(Jax "rushing" over)

(George still beggin for treats)

(Almost there)

(and meeting, wish I'd have had a better angle)

Worked so easy and well I am amazed, not like they haven't all seen each other before but its been a while.  George is like a puppy dog he wouldn't leave me alone while I'm making sure the ponies aren't fighting.  I did have some cookies so I eventually gave them to him lol.  Jax saw Pally at the salt block and rushed over there (well at a fast walk lol) and she made one squeal and stomped her foot and they smelled each other and went to licking salt together, whew all's good there.
(Easy's priority)

(Hard to get a selfie with 2 horses lol 
Razz was ignoring me so I had to scratch my coat to get her to lift her head up,
 Jess just stood there)

(She waits till he's leaving anyway then "chases" him)

(and he ignores the grouchy ears lol)

And Easy just walks right over to the hay and started eating I think he isn't sad about being in cause FOOD!  lol some horses are easy to please :)  Razz and Jess were a bit pouty cause they wanted to be out too so I gave everyone a treat and then went to get a salt block for them cause they musta licked there's all up it was gone and Neil said he didn't move it I've never seen them go through a whole block in winter before.  And Jess of course has to make grouchy ears at Easy and he doesn't even pay any attention to her lol.
(Jess:  Can I please have some?)

(Razz:  Oh she's watching...OK)

(Jess:  I really really want some salt)

(Razz:  ya ya as soon as I get some)

I got back and the girls wanted the salt so they came and had some and left Easy alone for now.   Jess first and then she had to back away from Razz and ask if she could lol.  I love how Razz is the boss without any real demonstration besides a look or sometimes a flick of her ear.
(and one more of Easy just cause :) )

 Its been a few days and all seems well in there so far.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Alix Cutter Rally

Last Sunday I loaded up and went out to Alix for there first annual cutter rally.  I had planned to have  a friend come but she came up with some lame excuse for not going so I went anyways more to spite her than for myself but turns out I met some fantastic people there :)

I got there about 10:30 and registration went till 12 so I unloaded and registered, got my hands of poker and then came out and saddled up.  I had parked right beside a lady on a cute buckskin she was riding so I asked if I could tag along with them and they said sure.  She came with a couple and thier Clyde and a cutter.  We all left and it was just the 3 of us travelling together the whole ride.  We saw about 4 cutters and a couple riders ahead of us and everyone else was being us.
(following the sleigh up a hill)

(a funny selfie)

(me in the middle)

(We got a poker stand lady to take this one of us all)

(and us 2 riders)

The snow was heavy and crusty and pretty deep in some places.  I kept off the trail where I could see the stubble most of the trip but Jessie being herself worked harder than she needs to.  One day she will relax but I can't complain at least shes trying :)  I forgot to use my map my run to track it but somone said about 18kms.  Pretty good ride through nice country.  Its not to far from our north place so thats kinda cool.

Afterwards we came in and drew our last poker hands and they had a free hot dog and hot chocolate lunch with a Christmas tree burn.  That was kinda cool but they didn't burn as fast I thought I think they were outside so the needles burnt fast but the trunks and branches were wet.  Kinda cool job for the firefighters to do.
(a paint with a cutter)

(2 more riders)

(a nice team)

(awful pretty mules, hear they were good ones too)

(and always a gypsy somewhere)

(Jess was sweaty so she got a cooler as the wind came up as we got back)

(cool murals on the hall wall, kinda cool there's a cutter in there)

(and she deserved her goodies today,
 while I got rid of her sweat marks and a lot of fur)

And before I left I exchanged numbers with the three people I met who are part of a trail riding group and the invited me along so I am following them on Facebook and the first ride is May 13.  Gotta make a list of what I am doing this summer, its gonna be a full one :)
(really liking this app, only thing it doesn't have it a gps)

Oh and I finally talked to the stallion owner for Jess and he answered all my questions and I his and I just have to phone him in June when I wanna bring her down, easy peasy so far.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

More Learning and Riding

I went to Calgary Friday I had booked a dentist appointment and me and my sister were gonna go shopping and then play video games all night long.  Then in the morning I had another Energy Equine seminar.

Well I went and we went for lunch and got visiting and next thing we knew it was dentist time.  I had 2 small cavities and they were gonna fill them both.  Well turned out I had a third he couldn't see so he did that one as well and I had a tooth I was making a decision on. I decided the best choice was for it to be pulled he thought a root canal with a post and a cap cause there wasn't much tooth left.  I was suspicious how long that would last and so I just said remove it and so he did it that day.  That wasn't in the plans but now I guess I don't have to go back for a year so that's a good thing.  But I wasn't really up to a lot of shopping although it didn't really hurt was just not there lol.  We went to Costco for a few things and Walmart and then got supper and back to sisters house.  We ate then played more Diablo, we found out how to play with 3 players so her boyfriend plays too it's fun.  Then finally at about 1:30 we were all yawning and rubbing our eyes and decided we should quit.  I remember playing all hours of the night I guess we all got old.

Saturday the seminar was great again.  It was on the shoulders and the neck and that is what Jess needs so much so I paid lots of attention.  So much to take home and use on her it will help a ton I'm sure.  They had a sweet barrel mare named Honey and she was really sore but she sure tried.

Then it ended early and so I stopped by Irvine's but they had no one that wanted to help me so didn't get what I wanted, may have to order online.  Then home.  Still got home by 5 and we had a virtual moonlight ride planned and since it was niceish out I figured we should join in.  I went out at 6:30 when there was still a little light left and tacked up Jess and we rode down the road and back up and down and back up and finally the moon peeked out. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be and it was really dark out but I got some pics anyways.  I finally used the flash when we got back so she's actually visible.  Then as I put her away in the pitch black I was cold.  It was about -6 and didn't seem bad when riding but after when I was on the ground again it was cold.

Came inside and couldn't resist getting another moon pic, this time with the real camera.