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Monday, February 20, 2017

Easy Peasy

So it was time to bring Easy back in and start getting him in shape.  Our first show is April 1/2 and so I guess I better get to lessons cause that is not very far away!  So since Neil wanted the geldings in so he could move the cows through that field I locked them in the alley way in the morning.  After he was done, had to wait a while got a few slow cows and they do move but on their own schedule so finally they were gone and I caught Easy and let out George and Jax and then caught Pally and led her out and then put Easy in with Jess and Razz.
(George's head looks so big lol)

(Jax "rushing" over)

(George still beggin for treats)

(Almost there)

(and meeting, wish I'd have had a better angle)

Worked so easy and well I am amazed, not like they haven't all seen each other before but its been a while.  George is like a puppy dog he wouldn't leave me alone while I'm making sure the ponies aren't fighting.  I did have some cookies so I eventually gave them to him lol.  Jax saw Pally at the salt block and rushed over there (well at a fast walk lol) and she made one squeal and stomped her foot and they smelled each other and went to licking salt together, whew all's good there.
(Easy's priority)

(Hard to get a selfie with 2 horses lol 
Razz was ignoring me so I had to scratch my coat to get her to lift her head up,
 Jess just stood there)

(She waits till he's leaving anyway then "chases" him)

(and he ignores the grouchy ears lol)

And Easy just walks right over to the hay and started eating I think he isn't sad about being in cause FOOD!  lol some horses are easy to please :)  Razz and Jess were a bit pouty cause they wanted to be out too so I gave everyone a treat and then went to get a salt block for them cause they musta licked there's all up it was gone and Neil said he didn't move it I've never seen them go through a whole block in winter before.  And Jess of course has to make grouchy ears at Easy and he doesn't even pay any attention to her lol.
(Jess:  Can I please have some?)

(Razz:  Oh she's watching...OK)

(Jess:  I really really want some salt)

(Razz:  ya ya as soon as I get some)

I got back and the girls wanted the salt so they came and had some and left Easy alone for now.   Jess first and then she had to back away from Razz and ask if she could lol.  I love how Razz is the boss without any real demonstration besides a look or sometimes a flick of her ear.
(and one more of Easy just cause :) )

 Its been a few days and all seems well in there so far.


TeresaA said...

Your herd is adorable!

Ruth said...

Its so interesting how they settle their pecking order. Especially when there's food involved!! Love the photos.

Shirley said...

Not too much drama, that's good! Have fun getting Easy in shape!