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Thursday, February 16, 2017

More Learning and Riding

I went to Calgary Friday I had booked a dentist appointment and me and my sister were gonna go shopping and then play video games all night long.  Then in the morning I had another Energy Equine seminar.

Well I went and we went for lunch and got visiting and next thing we knew it was dentist time.  I had 2 small cavities and they were gonna fill them both.  Well turned out I had a third he couldn't see so he did that one as well and I had a tooth I was making a decision on. I decided the best choice was for it to be pulled he thought a root canal with a post and a cap cause there wasn't much tooth left.  I was suspicious how long that would last and so I just said remove it and so he did it that day.  That wasn't in the plans but now I guess I don't have to go back for a year so that's a good thing.  But I wasn't really up to a lot of shopping although it didn't really hurt was just not there lol.  We went to Costco for a few things and Walmart and then got supper and back to sisters house.  We ate then played more Diablo, we found out how to play with 3 players so her boyfriend plays too it's fun.  Then finally at about 1:30 we were all yawning and rubbing our eyes and decided we should quit.  I remember playing all hours of the night I guess we all got old.

Saturday the seminar was great again.  It was on the shoulders and the neck and that is what Jess needs so much so I paid lots of attention.  So much to take home and use on her it will help a ton I'm sure.  They had a sweet barrel mare named Honey and she was really sore but she sure tried.

Then it ended early and so I stopped by Irvine's but they had no one that wanted to help me so didn't get what I wanted, may have to order online.  Then home.  Still got home by 5 and we had a virtual moonlight ride planned and since it was niceish out I figured we should join in.  I went out at 6:30 when there was still a little light left and tacked up Jess and we rode down the road and back up and down and back up and finally the moon peeked out. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be and it was really dark out but I got some pics anyways.  I finally used the flash when we got back so she's actually visible.  Then as I put her away in the pitch black I was cold.  It was about -6 and didn't seem bad when riding but after when I was on the ground again it was cold.

Came inside and couldn't resist getting another moon pic, this time with the real camera.


Mrs Shoes said...

I've thought about riding at night on purpose, but it's darker than the inside of a cow here most nights! I have miscalculated the sunset & ridden home in the dark a time or two though, does that count?
It's really icy everywhere here yet, I went arse over teakettle just yesterday.

Crystal said...

It really is fun riding at night, we do it in the summer times and only once were we caught out when we were glad we had white on the horses. The stars are so big, and no bugs!

Shirley said...

Bet Jess likes getting worked on. Gotta get Dustin out to work on Belle.