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Saturday, March 31, 2012


I changed by Internet browser the other day to Google Chrome and I have to say I love it, don't know why I stayed with Internet Explorer so long.  Except maybe it was familiar and easy.  But wow chrome is so much faster and easier and with less crashes as well, so I am sticking with it for now.  But in the meantime of course all my favorites were stored in IE and now I am having trouble trying to find them.  It also made me realize my blog list on the sidebar is way out of date, there are blogs on there that I don't read anymore, lots I do read that aren't there, and some who don't post anymore are still on there.  So while finding my favorites I will be trying to update that as well.

Just had to share these couple pics of the deer that are coming in our yard at night.  They are kinda a nuisance and they are getting braver and braver cause they used to wait till after dark till they ventured in, but this was still pretty light out.
But thier hearing is still pretty spot on cause as soon as Neil touched the door handle to open the door, they were gone!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Few Updates

Yesterday I headed to the dentist then then went riding, well I actually didn't ride but I treated Jessie with MTG again and koppertoxed her feet and I think the girth area looks better, and the gall is starting to grow hair back, so that's a good sign.  It was a fun kinda day just hanging around and visiting and of course seeing the ponies.  When I got home I had a look at my ponies here at home and I caught them unaware, but before I could get the pic of Duchess and Belle sleeping with heads down, Bailey seen me and whinnied.

So of course they lifted their heads to see what was going on and then they saw me and got up fully.  Silly girl, she is a talker that's for sure.  I fed them some oats as a treat and today Neil gave them another bale.  On April 5 I got the farrier coming and so I guess that's the day they get to move to different pastures and I can get to working with them :)

Since Neil left to take the ice out of the curling rink then to a vaccination meeting, I also had a look at the heifers to see if anything had calved.  Sure enough there was a new calf in there.

A few days ago Neil moved all the heifers with calves into another corral and all the ones to still calve into the close corral so its easy to check who has calved and who hasn't.  He left the stitched up cow in and she is sure easy to tell apart too!

I went in the house and this one cow kept bawling and I was just ignoring her cause I knew they were almost out of feed and thought she was complaining, but after a hour or so I figured I should go check and then felt kinda bad cause her calf got up on the wrong side of the fence and so I opened the gate and chased (well pushed) it back in.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Day at the Barn

Well today I headed out to see Jessie and since both Shirley and Linda suggested I ride bareback to let her heal from the cinch sore.  I am quite unbalanced, but whatever, might as well try it.  But first I thought I should ride her with the saddle cause I thought she might be full of energy but she wasn't too bad.  But it also was wet and quite deep from being just watered and worked.  So after about 20 minutes I stop by the mounting block and unsaddled her and then got back on.  It was awkward.  I feel like her skin is moving all over and I move with it.  But we rode at a walk about 5 minutes or so and I figured I better get off before I fall off.  I may do it a little more just to get a little more confident and she was really good about it too.  I had to take a pic of her as a ranch horse, doesn't seem to look as good as the cutting saddle on her.

I took a pic to enter in the fuzzy butt contest on facebook.

Then afterwards I put MTG on her cinch spot and boy I forgot how it stinks!  But it should work its a fungicide.  And her gall looks better, but it still is sore. 

I also treated her feet again and fed her (her favorite part, lol) and back out to eat again she went.

Its hard to see in this pic, but they are tearing out all the board fence and putting in steel posts and top pipe and cable underneath.  Should be pretty nice when its done.  And taller than the wood ones.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Well I went Wednesday and had another look at Jessie and her cinch sore and underneath her belly there are more spots where the hair has been rubbed off, but not so much that it has galled.  And it doesn't seem sore.  Wonder if I got something on the cinch that is causing this. 

Well I didn't ride, but I thought the other day her feet smelled kinda like thrush so I also brought over the coppertox and dosed her front feet.  I can't actually see where there is any rottenness but since it is kinda wet out I figure it can't hurt anyways.  I really like having my horses on pasture this time of year cause there is usually very little mud and their feet don't get packed full, but she is in I guess a big corral with maybe a little grass at the one end but mostly all worked up and turned into dirt.  So I have to clean her feet all the time.   I don't know if she is more susceptible to stuff like this or just bad luck all at once.  I don't remember ever having a cinch gall before except on a horse I got back from training, and only one horse had thrush on me (Razz last summer).  I hope this is the end of it cause I like to just ride, not deal with stuff all the time.
(oops kinda left the floor green)

I'm sure she thought I was crazy when I just caught her and brushed her and cleaned her feet and put stuff on her sore and fed her and turned her out.  I probly would have rode but the arena wasn't worked and it was sooo hard and so then I feel like I can never stop.  We heard from a guy last weekend he says if footing is bad at a show he just goes home cause it takes a seasoned horse about 3-5 shows to stop decently after going to a show with bad footing.  Wow that seems like a waste to go to those shows if you are gonna wreck the ones after it, made me think a lot about ground and stuff.  The footing at the clinic was amazing!  Even after all day 15 of us and 2 turnbackers riding and working cows in the same area the ground was not packed!  Amazing how different ground makes the arena so much nicer.  Where we ride it is pretty well just worked up dirt which is fine as long as it is worked regularly.  And probly fine for everyone else cause they are mostly just riding for fun and some kids lessons.  I feel sometimes like I am so picky about the place I board at, but I keep thinking of the things I would do if it was my place (which I shouldn't cause it works for them)  But sure makes me think of how I want my place to be.  Someday.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Stills--Weather

This week Sunday Stills is showing the weather how it is where we are, cloudy, sunny, whatever.  Well here we have had a whole bunch of different weather, starting with Monday we had a suposed blizzard which missed us but gave us a real nice sunset that night.

Then Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day on which I rode my pony.

Then Thursday we were back to snow again, although it looks bad it was melted by 10.

And then Saturday it was foggy, sure was kinda yucky out.

 Only thing I didn't get a picture of was rain, but I did drive through it on Thursday on the way to town.  For more, check out Sunday Stills.

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Calf

********* Warning this post contains graphic pics   ******

So yesterday I headed into Brooks to drop off a blanket I had sold a girl.  I had not been to town in a while so I went early and did a look around.  I stopped at the scrap booking store and ended up with way more paper than I need but it was soo nice I had to get it and it will get used someday.  And Marks I was looking at the clearance rack and got 2 shirts for $18 that I really like.  I also went to the western store (of course) and they had some nice shirts in there, but they were more than i wanted to spend right now.  Sometimes I am so cheap and it doesn't make sense.  But at the tack place I ended up with a brush, a bag for my boots and of course some treats. 

**************   Another warning about Graphic Pics coming Up ***************
Then Neil calls me and says he is coming to the vet with a heifer and should be there about 5.  Well I met the girl at Tim's and headed over to the clinic.  Vet said the calf was too big to be born so she was gonna do a c-section on it.  I asked if I could take pics and she had no problems with that.  So here goes a pictorial story of a calf being born.  First the assistant scrubbed the freshly clipped area.

Then she gave the heifer an epidural so she wouldn't try to push, and gave some lidocaine in the side where she was gonna do the incision. She clipped with big clippers a big area the a closer shave where she was gonna cut.  Here she is just started the incision.

About 3 layers of muscle to cut through after the skin.

Then the heifer decided she didn't want any more of this.  She went down in the chute and we spent quite a bit of time getting her back standing where we wanted her to be.  Good thing the clinic is fairly clean (or was before we got there)

We got her all back in place, sorta (notice how her head is not in the head gate anymore, just her halter tied to the fence), then cut through the uterus and out comes a back leg.

Neil had to get in there to help to, he is holding the chains on one leg while the vet finds the other one.

Then two back legs are out and got a long ways to pull.

Kinda blurry but the body is coming out.

And hes alive!!!  Into the calf cart they have waiting.  His face is a little swollen from the long birth time, but its always a relief to have him still alive after all that.

And the uterus hanging out.  Sure don't look like it is big enough for a calf to fit in it now.

Looks just random as she is sewing it back together, amazing how it looks so crazy and no order

And then you get this, all sewn up and back to normal.

Now we just got a hole in her side that needs to be stitched up.

Two layers of muscle done, one more and the skin left.

And then she decided she was done.  She backed all the way up the chute and outside and by the time we got her in again I had to hold the halter so I didn't end up with anymore pictures.  But I did get the calf this morning and he looks better.

Afterwards we went for supper at the chinese buffet and I had to take off my sweater cause it was covered in blood and so were the jeans, but at least its not as bad as on the grey coat.  Felt kinda grubby but I was super hungry. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I finally got my chaps in the mail!!!  I LOVE them!!  They are so soft and leathery smelling and the fit like a glove.  They are even better than I imagined them to be!  It was so worth it to go get some custom made.  I doubt I will ever even look at my old ones again.  I just wanna put these out so I can look at them and touch them and smell them :)  I wanna go to a show so I can just wear them...but I don't cause I want them to look brand new forever.

I asked for shotgun chaps (the kind with the zipper all the way to the bottom) and a tooled waistband with dyed leather and she could do whatever tooling she wanted and maybe fit in my initials and brand, and three diamonds down the leg with conchos on them.  And curly fringe, I love the curly fringe.

Well the waistband turned out even nicer than I thought it would be, I love how she did the brand and my initials, I wasn't sure if they would fit with her tooling or even look nice, but I love how she did it.  She accidentally used a black background concho on something else so one was missing and she put plain ones in but she will send me them as soon as they come in (and she said I can keep the plain ones for something.  And I was thinking of putting conchos on my saddle blanket I may have a use for them already) 

The only thing she did different (which she emailed me about) was she was gonna put a belt buckle on the back same as the front but it was too big and she figured it would dig in so we just went with lacing and it looks so good.  She puts her stamp on the back as well which is pretty cool.  Now I can say I have Heather Baumgardner chaps :)  I would highly recomend her for anyone.  Not cheap, but not the most expensive we looked at, and well worth the money.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well Wednesday is not gonna be wordless this week cause I am feeling really bad right now and need to share.  I went to ride last night and as I was brushing Jessie I noticed she has what looked like a cinch gall.

 It is kinda in a weird area though and I wasn't sure what was going on, so I put my saddle on anyway just to see where is hits and it doesn't.

 I wonder if I pinched it or if it just rubbed.  I am thinking I may need to go back to my cotton cinches.   I always was suspicious of the neoprene but everyone was using them and I never had a problem before.  But I know I have never had trouble riding all day in the cotton ones so I think I will go back to that.  I did ride her a little since I was there and it wasn't really touching the sore but she wasn't overly cheerful so we quit early and I put goop on it.  I am thinking I may bring over my ranch saddle today and try it, I think the cinch sits in a little different spot and hopefully wont irritate it.  On Sunday morning she was being really grouchy to all the other horses and I thought she was maybe going into heat but now I wonder if she was just sore.  I took her back to the stall and unsaddled her and left her a couple hours and then resaddled for cow work afterwards, but she seemed to ride fine.  Now I am paranoid about stuff.  Hope she gets better soon and I don't do it again.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cutting Clinic

Well I had a blast at the cutting clinic last weekend.  I learned lots and I could see lots of improvement.  I realized that I was really lucky to get my horse.  Partly because she is very forgiving when I make mistakes and the better I work, the better she works.  Perfect for me to learn on.  I don't think I fully appreciated that till someone else told me.  On Friday we rode and worked the flag, then left our horses with the girl who was gonna haul.  We got there Sat morning bright and early  and off to the clinic.

Both days we worked the flag in the morning and then cows after lunch.  I was kinda dissapointed there wasn't more cow work, but in the end I really like the flag work first.  It sure shows up the problems we have and they can be fixed in a controlled situation.  But I also know I don't focus on the flag as much as a cow, but I probly should.

The first day my flag work was pretty good although they run the flag quite a bit different than Doug especially when I told them I was just begining and just got my horse recently.  But I think they maybe were just trying to see where I was and what problems I have and need to work on.  I know I need to sit up straighter cause I tend to move my body forward when I want to move faster.  I have always been like this and am trying really hard to fix it cause I end up over the neck if she stops.  I also know I tend to use my reins to much and need to use my legs.

The first day on cows we only worked one at a time and they were pretty pushy and so it was hard but I think Jessie likes it better when they really play hard.  She doesn't like to go to the ends and seems like she is kinda bored over there.  Which makes me work and get her over to the walls.  I also noticed I like the riding a little in mornings then a little warmup before we go work cows.  Both days we were never overly sweaty and wasn't silly.  Still working on how much warm up we need.

Then we went for supper with a group and Gerry and it was really good -- turkey dinner!  and raisen pie, mmm.  Then off to our hotel and had a nice visit and went to bed. I didn't sleep very well but was pretty excited for the next day so it didn't matter.  We got started a little later on Sunday but went through the flag a little faster.  I wasn't having a very good flag lesson and was feeling pretty dissapointed. 

Then onto the cows, I asked another girl to video it even if I didn't know how it was gonna go.  I learn quite a bit watching it over again and since she was up by the speaker I got all the coaching in it as well.  They sent one cow out at a time and then just left them in the arena and we worked the new cow.  I was 4th in so 9 cows were in there when I started so it was a nice little herd.  My first cow seperated itself and so that was easy.  I was quite a bit of short runs and then I finally got her to the left side. 

The second cow was quite a bit slower which was a nice change up and we didn't work it very long.  But was pretty good. 

The third cow I went to cut it out and I couldn't get it seperated from 2 other ones.  I didn't see it at the time but watching the video I can totally see how I could have easily gotten her apart.  So I tried again and had no problem.  That cow was a challenge and we stepped up and worked really well.  I was pretty impressed that I could do it.  It was pretty fast and not much time to think but I sat back a little better and just went.  I now can tell when she makes the barrel turn and when it is correct. 

We left and headed home and actually I was home by 7:30.  Jessie and Dude we pretty happy to be back home and back to thier round bale.  I sure was tired however I am sure Jessie wasn't at all.  I spent all day trying to edit the videos because it was one long 9 minute video that included all the time they were moving a new cow in.  Eventually I just cut it and played the working part.  I think it would have taken 9 hours (or something stupid) to load the whole video anyways.  I am sure not very good at the editing part, but probly would be if I did it more.

Friday, March 16, 2012

All Trimmed Up

So yesterday I got my new tires.  They are so grippy and rubbery smelling :)  I am so glad I got them, even though I think tires should last for more than 50, 000 km, I guess the tire people don't so it was time.

And when I got to the barn yesterday it was crazy busy!  There was about 10 other peole there taking kids for rides, then Lu came then the lesson girl came.  It was so unexpected cause we are ussually the only ones there.  So since it was so busy to ride and all week long I have been thinking of trimming Jessie's legs, I did.  I imagine she has been trimmed before but I don't know for sure but she was sooo good.  I didn't even have her tied up and she just stood there even when other people would walk by. 

Looks so different now, and so much prettier, except the lump on her leg sticks out more, but I will keep boots on her this weekend so it won't look as bad.  I forgot to get a before picture, but the amount of hair that came off was amazing!  You can see all the hair on the floor, it was crazy.  I also did her face, just all the long hairs under her jaw and she looks so nice now :)  We did ride afterwrds, but it was kinda a short ride cause I was tired from standing on my head to trim her legs.

I am so excited for this weekend, it should be a lot of fun, Everyone I tell about the clinic thinks it should be a good one and I hope so.  It will be kinda fun cause there are 3 of us(that I know) going together so that will be nice.  I wonder how many people from last year will be there? 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Horses....and Cows

So it seems like we are officially back in business, the cow/calf business that is.  Actually for a couple days now and don't know why this heifer was so early, they should maybe be starting this weekend and noone else looks close, but its alive and healthy so who are we to complain.

And so cute.  I don't understand how such cute little calves can grow up to be cows.  Just cows.  not cute anymore just a cow. 

And while I was out there checking heifers I thought I should check on the ponies too, or rather they thought they should check on me ;)  And they look good, enjoying the bale I am sure.  And they don't even look as thin as they did the other day, actually there really is only 2 on the thin side and I realized later it was the two that have never spent a winter foraging for themselves. 
(a not thin Bailey, comin to see me)

I was kinda suspicious when the youngest (Jazz) and the oldest (Disco) were fat.  Then it came to me.  It was a pretty easy winter and lots of grass out there, no reason to be thin.  Until I decided they just didn't know there was no other food coming.  But now they look good and we will keep feeding them for a while till the grass grows probly.   Then I will probly end up feeding some anyways cause I will have them in to ride.  Might just switch them out every few weeks and so I am not riding them all at one time.
(a horrible pic of one of the thin ones)

And while I was out there I had a pretty good look at everyones feet and most of them look good and short, except the two that never got trimmed last fall.  November I think it was last time.  And unfortunatly Jazz probly won't get done this time either cause I have nowhere to work with her and she needs work before I attempt to get her feet done again.
(odd pic of George and his feet)

And then after I was out there and everything looked fine, I look out a couple hours later and the horses were in the calf corral!  Not impressed.  So I go and chase them out (it was easy they knew they weren't supposed to be in there)  and go find out how they got in.
(a not thin Belle, she takes good pictures)

Turns out Neil never tied the gate rope right between the horse pasture and the calves and the calves just rubbed it off.  The rope was laying on the ground still tied up.  That made me upset cause it was useless.  So I locked the calves in and opened the gate and the horses ran back and I fixed the gate better, no calves will rub it open again.  No wonder I am partial to wire gate closers, even if they are harder to close they STAY closed!
(I find it hard to get good pics of Razz, not sure why but this is probly the best one I have)

And then it was all fine and I went to go riding and left a little early and get no more than a quarter mile down the road and I have a flat tire! AHH  I shoulda just stayed in bed.  So I get that all fixed and call the tire place and this afternoon I am getting new tires.  I had been putting it off cause Neil was gonna organize it but I am sick of changing tires every week or so cause they are wore out.

Jazz stands so close all the time and she sure wants me to pet/scratch her all the time, so I usually do, even on her nose which she doesn't really like, but she doesn't leave so I just so it a little everytime and she is getting better about it.  Sure wish I had somewhere so I could do some work with her, but her leading skills are not real good yet so I am pretty sure I couldn't convince her to leave the other horses and so I am not even gonna try till I know I can succeed.

(Kals looks good, I think she is enjoying her time off)