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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well I never rode Monday cause it was a day off for Jessie and I needed a day to recuperate from the weekend.  Wow it was exhausting.  Then Tuesday I was gonna go but the roads were bad so last night I went and she was good although we just exercised.

I went and picked up my camera and so now I finally got the partial video of me.  I really am upset at myself for not thinking of bringing an extra memory card.  I was worried the batteries might die cause I couldn't remember the last time I charged them but never even thought of another card.  Well now I will always make sure I have an extra one along.  I wish I coulda seen the rest of the run cause I don't remember a whole lot of it, but I think my last cow was probly the best one.  I know the second cow wasn't that good so I don't mind it being missed, lol.

I have been thinking a lot about that weekend.  And I decided I probly wasn't ready to show, but at the same time I am glad I did go.  I finally clued in to how important all the stuff Doug was telling us was.  Not that I didn't believe him when he was telling me but sometimes it takes a while to sink in.  All that really matters is riding to the stop and going straight across the pen.   The cow will pull the horse through the turn if I stop straight and even.  Kinda neat when it all comes together.  Now I just gotta practice doing what I know now.

I phoned Doug last night for another lesson but its gonna be a while cause he is super busy getting ready for the super stakes.  I said not a problem I can wait till he gets back sometime in April.  I was thinking our show on Sunday was busy with 97 entries, but I got looking and his one class on the first day of the super stakes has 135 horses in it.  In just one class!  Its crazy.  Bet it would be pretty cool to watch though, I am gonna try to see it online.


gtyyup said...

Crystal, don't be so hard on yourself...except I do the same thing to myself!!! We're our own worst critic!

If I waited to go show until everything was perfect, I'd probably never get to show. The other point is that you learn so much by showing...you learn how to handle the stress and you find out more about you and your horse as a team...where the holes are.

Keep on at it!!

Cheyenne said...

Great Vid Crystal! You`ll get there, just keep going! Remember, life is like a Tortoise, it dont get any where, unless you stick your neck out!

fernvalley01 said...

Great vid , and ready or not you did it , and it seems to me for a "get your feet wet "show you did fine

Country Gal said...

Great video ! Hey dont be so hard on yourself no one is born knowing how to do that , by the sounds of it your doing very well everything takes time and practice . Just keep on keeping on the best you can thats all you can ask for ! Have a good day !

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

The video is awesome, you are doing very well for your first shot at it, Keep going girl!!!

Shirley said...

Nice to see you in action! I love your mare she really has presence in the ring.

lisa said...

Practice makes perfect! You will get to where you want to be. We all have faith in you!!!