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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I finally got my chaps in the mail!!!  I LOVE them!!  They are so soft and leathery smelling and the fit like a glove.  They are even better than I imagined them to be!  It was so worth it to go get some custom made.  I doubt I will ever even look at my old ones again.  I just wanna put these out so I can look at them and touch them and smell them :)  I wanna go to a show so I can just wear them...but I don't cause I want them to look brand new forever.

I asked for shotgun chaps (the kind with the zipper all the way to the bottom) and a tooled waistband with dyed leather and she could do whatever tooling she wanted and maybe fit in my initials and brand, and three diamonds down the leg with conchos on them.  And curly fringe, I love the curly fringe.

Well the waistband turned out even nicer than I thought it would be, I love how she did the brand and my initials, I wasn't sure if they would fit with her tooling or even look nice, but I love how she did it.  She accidentally used a black background concho on something else so one was missing and she put plain ones in but she will send me them as soon as they come in (and she said I can keep the plain ones for something.  And I was thinking of putting conchos on my saddle blanket I may have a use for them already) 

The only thing she did different (which she emailed me about) was she was gonna put a belt buckle on the back same as the front but it was too big and she figured it would dig in so we just went with lacing and it looks so good.  She puts her stamp on the back as well which is pretty cool.  Now I can say I have Heather Baumgardner chaps :)  I would highly recomend her for anyone.  Not cheap, but not the most expensive we looked at, and well worth the money.


Cheyenne said...

Hey?.....How cool is that!!! They look damn good!

Shirley said...

Very nice! You're going to be stylin' in the cutting pen. I love the smell of new leather too.

Country Gal said...

Oh they are awesome . Glad they turned out to be just perfect for you ! I can just smell the leather MMM ! Love that smell ! Have a great day !

Paint Girl said...

Love them!! The tooling is so pretty!!

Linda said...

Purty nice!!!

fernvalley01 said...

Very nice!