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Monday, March 19, 2012

Cutting Clinic

Well I had a blast at the cutting clinic last weekend.  I learned lots and I could see lots of improvement.  I realized that I was really lucky to get my horse.  Partly because she is very forgiving when I make mistakes and the better I work, the better she works.  Perfect for me to learn on.  I don't think I fully appreciated that till someone else told me.  On Friday we rode and worked the flag, then left our horses with the girl who was gonna haul.  We got there Sat morning bright and early  and off to the clinic.

Both days we worked the flag in the morning and then cows after lunch.  I was kinda dissapointed there wasn't more cow work, but in the end I really like the flag work first.  It sure shows up the problems we have and they can be fixed in a controlled situation.  But I also know I don't focus on the flag as much as a cow, but I probly should.

The first day my flag work was pretty good although they run the flag quite a bit different than Doug especially when I told them I was just begining and just got my horse recently.  But I think they maybe were just trying to see where I was and what problems I have and need to work on.  I know I need to sit up straighter cause I tend to move my body forward when I want to move faster.  I have always been like this and am trying really hard to fix it cause I end up over the neck if she stops.  I also know I tend to use my reins to much and need to use my legs.

The first day on cows we only worked one at a time and they were pretty pushy and so it was hard but I think Jessie likes it better when they really play hard.  She doesn't like to go to the ends and seems like she is kinda bored over there.  Which makes me work and get her over to the walls.  I also noticed I like the riding a little in mornings then a little warmup before we go work cows.  Both days we were never overly sweaty and wasn't silly.  Still working on how much warm up we need.

Then we went for supper with a group and Gerry and it was really good -- turkey dinner!  and raisen pie, mmm.  Then off to our hotel and had a nice visit and went to bed. I didn't sleep very well but was pretty excited for the next day so it didn't matter.  We got started a little later on Sunday but went through the flag a little faster.  I wasn't having a very good flag lesson and was feeling pretty dissapointed. 

Then onto the cows, I asked another girl to video it even if I didn't know how it was gonna go.  I learn quite a bit watching it over again and since she was up by the speaker I got all the coaching in it as well.  They sent one cow out at a time and then just left them in the arena and we worked the new cow.  I was 4th in so 9 cows were in there when I started so it was a nice little herd.  My first cow seperated itself and so that was easy.  I was quite a bit of short runs and then I finally got her to the left side. 

The second cow was quite a bit slower which was a nice change up and we didn't work it very long.  But was pretty good. 

The third cow I went to cut it out and I couldn't get it seperated from 2 other ones.  I didn't see it at the time but watching the video I can totally see how I could have easily gotten her apart.  So I tried again and had no problem.  That cow was a challenge and we stepped up and worked really well.  I was pretty impressed that I could do it.  It was pretty fast and not much time to think but I sat back a little better and just went.  I now can tell when she makes the barrel turn and when it is correct. 

We left and headed home and actually I was home by 7:30.  Jessie and Dude we pretty happy to be back home and back to thier round bale.  I sure was tired however I am sure Jessie wasn't at all.  I spent all day trying to edit the videos because it was one long 9 minute video that included all the time they were moving a new cow in.  Eventually I just cut it and played the working part.  I think it would have taken 9 hours (or something stupid) to load the whole video anyways.  I am sure not very good at the editing part, but probly would be if I did it more.


fernvalley01 said...

that looks like fun! Well done

Shirley said...

I really liked that you could hear the comments from the trainers, and it looks like you were doing quite well- good for you! I love your mare, and I'm going to watch these videos a couple more times so I can see what they were talking about. Interesting what they were saying about the rein hand.