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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Stills--Weather

This week Sunday Stills is showing the weather how it is where we are, cloudy, sunny, whatever.  Well here we have had a whole bunch of different weather, starting with Monday we had a suposed blizzard which missed us but gave us a real nice sunset that night.

Then Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day on which I rode my pony.

Then Thursday we were back to snow again, although it looks bad it was melted by 10.

And then Saturday it was foggy, sure was kinda yucky out.

 Only thing I didn't get a picture of was rain, but I did drive through it on Thursday on the way to town.  For more, check out Sunday Stills.


Shirley said...

A mixed bag last week at our place too. We didn't get any nice sunsets though.

dibear said...

Looks like you could use some sunshine! :)

Ebie said...

Great weather report! I think this type of weather change, makes our wildflowers grow crazy. Maybe that's the reason why they are scarce this season.

Hope sunshine is on its way!

Janice said...

Looks like everyone is getting a bit of the same crap.