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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well Wednesday is not gonna be wordless this week cause I am feeling really bad right now and need to share.  I went to ride last night and as I was brushing Jessie I noticed she has what looked like a cinch gall.

 It is kinda in a weird area though and I wasn't sure what was going on, so I put my saddle on anyway just to see where is hits and it doesn't.

 I wonder if I pinched it or if it just rubbed.  I am thinking I may need to go back to my cotton cinches.   I always was suspicious of the neoprene but everyone was using them and I never had a problem before.  But I know I have never had trouble riding all day in the cotton ones so I think I will go back to that.  I did ride her a little since I was there and it wasn't really touching the sore but she wasn't overly cheerful so we quit early and I put goop on it.  I am thinking I may bring over my ranch saddle today and try it, I think the cinch sits in a little different spot and hopefully wont irritate it.  On Sunday morning she was being really grouchy to all the other horses and I thought she was maybe going into heat but now I wonder if she was just sore.  I took her back to the stall and unsaddled her and left her a couple hours and then resaddled for cow work afterwards, but she seemed to ride fine.  Now I am paranoid about stuff.  Hope she gets better soon and I don't do it again.


Shirley said...

I wonder if the buckle adjustment for your stirrups hits right there, if it does you may be able to move it up or down a little by pulling the strap through the saddle tree. I don't think I'd blame it on the cinch being neoprene. another option is to try a longer or shorter cinch.

Laura said...

Hope she feels better soon! At least you have realised there is something wrong!

fernvalley01 said...

Don't feel bad, you noticed it and are doing something about it . Not one of us are perfect and catch every little thing every time

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

I agree with everything that all the others have said, no-one is oerfect, and you obviously care for your animals, and they benefit from that care and attention. Good Luck in the future, and keep us all updated with your progress!!!