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Monday, March 26, 2012


Well I went Wednesday and had another look at Jessie and her cinch sore and underneath her belly there are more spots where the hair has been rubbed off, but not so much that it has galled.  And it doesn't seem sore.  Wonder if I got something on the cinch that is causing this. 

Well I didn't ride, but I thought the other day her feet smelled kinda like thrush so I also brought over the coppertox and dosed her front feet.  I can't actually see where there is any rottenness but since it is kinda wet out I figure it can't hurt anyways.  I really like having my horses on pasture this time of year cause there is usually very little mud and their feet don't get packed full, but she is in I guess a big corral with maybe a little grass at the one end but mostly all worked up and turned into dirt.  So I have to clean her feet all the time.   I don't know if she is more susceptible to stuff like this or just bad luck all at once.  I don't remember ever having a cinch gall before except on a horse I got back from training, and only one horse had thrush on me (Razz last summer).  I hope this is the end of it cause I like to just ride, not deal with stuff all the time.
(oops kinda left the floor green)

I'm sure she thought I was crazy when I just caught her and brushed her and cleaned her feet and put stuff on her sore and fed her and turned her out.  I probly would have rode but the arena wasn't worked and it was sooo hard and so then I feel like I can never stop.  We heard from a guy last weekend he says if footing is bad at a show he just goes home cause it takes a seasoned horse about 3-5 shows to stop decently after going to a show with bad footing.  Wow that seems like a waste to go to those shows if you are gonna wreck the ones after it, made me think a lot about ground and stuff.  The footing at the clinic was amazing!  Even after all day 15 of us and 2 turnbackers riding and working cows in the same area the ground was not packed!  Amazing how different ground makes the arena so much nicer.  Where we ride it is pretty well just worked up dirt which is fine as long as it is worked regularly.  And probly fine for everyone else cause they are mostly just riding for fun and some kids lessons.  I feel sometimes like I am so picky about the place I board at, but I keep thinking of the things I would do if it was my place (which I shouldn't cause it works for them)  But sure makes me think of how I want my place to be.  Someday.


Country Gal said...

Hope everyhting works out for you and the horses ! Have a good day !

Shirley said...

Have you ridden her bareback? You could keep her legged up while she gets over the swellings if you did.

Cheyenne said...

Hi Crystal, that does look sore! Hope things improve.

Linda said...

Looks like cinch rot to me. I use oily iodine on it and wash and bleach cinches. It's a sort of fungus and it'll take about six weeks to get rid of. We got it once when we took a colt out to get started and didn't realize until a couple of days later....by then we'd spread it to our other horses.