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Monday, February 21, 2011

Riding Razz and Kali

We went this morning over to the neighbors so Kali could get her feet trimmed and another mare, Katie, got new shoes.  Since this neighbor has a nice big arena we asked if we could ride there and they said sure.  Nice to get out in a big arena for a change.

I first rode Razz and she can sure go fast if I let her at the lope!! Its nice to know she can go really fast and I still have control.  I do notice I have a hard time stopping her straight when we go too fast, but Im sure that will come as well. And I think its all me.  Which is harder to fix.  But we will keep trying.

I also rode her on the flag and she acted like she was afraid of it again, I haven't rode her in a while and even longer since the flag, but I was kinda dissapointed at first, then she got some really nice stops and turns, so it turned out okay.

Jardi rode Ricki and Tangle and Katie and finally Kalis turn.  She was pretty good.  I warmed her up for Jardi and then cooled down Katie, and what a difference between the two of them.  They are both three year olds, but Katie is so much more bigger, and not only in size, but in movement and everything.  Kali is more quick and agile and feels like she could just dissapear out from under you at any time (but of course she doesn't)

After all that we were tired and hungry, but Jardi wanted us to help her worm all her horses which takes her forever cause there is 32 of them.  Me and Charlene caught them one at  a time then Jardi wormed them.  It didn't take too long with all of us.  Then I headed home exhausted.

I got Charlene to take all these pics, she never got one of me and Kali (thats Katie Im riding shes bay too)  Since she never rode too many, just cooled down some.  I think she did a good job and it was nice to see different pics someone else takes too.  Thats me in the turquoise coat, and Jardi in blue.


gowestferalwoman said...

that is one big arena - im jealous!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that arena - glad you got in some rides.

lisa said...

Boy, wish that was at my place ;) Looks like you had a great ride.

Country Gal said...

Great photos, Nice to see you on the picture end of the camera ! Beautiful arena ! Glad your enjoying all the horsey's. Have a great day !

The 4 R's said...

how lucky to have access to such a nice arena. We are thinking of building one. do you know the dimensions of that one (including inside clearance). It looks huge.

Shirley said...

Nice that you got some room to ride! Razz sounds like she's going to be a good penning or sorting horse,that speed will come in handy.

Linda said...

I'm a tad jealous too, I'd like to get a couple of horses in shape for calving. Where's the arena??

Rising Rainbow said...

What a beautiful arena and it's absolutely huge. I am definitely jealous.

I've riddenn one of those horses that feels like it can jump out from underneath you at anytime. Unfortunately mine does on occassion but it's still such a cool feeling to have such a talented horse underneath.