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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day At Sea and All Around the Boat

On our second day on the boat was a day at sea, it was supposed to be a stop in Dominica, but that got changed and so we had a relaxing day at sea insted.  In the casino was all these blue lions so I made my sister pose by them.
We watched and ice carving demonstration, but it was hard not to get distracted by the giant tv screen.  It was so cool, every day they played 3 differnt movies on it and you would watch them from the deck chairs or from in the hot tub!
This guy, from the Phillipenes brought a 300 pound chunk of ice onto the deck and carved it into a native american.  He was quick, it took him about half hour from start to finish.  Even so, it had started melting before he was done.

We spent the day learning about diamonds and other jewels and suntanning and swimming and at night we were gonna take some sunset pics, so here is my mom.
And she got me too, not the best outfit for picture taking, my swimsuit coverup, but we werent thinking of that.
They have this roof over one of the pools and hot tubs that closes every night and its nice underneath it, humid and warm, but not super hot.
The sunset was pretty but then it got stuck in the clouds, but I think it looks cool how it lit up the top of the cloud.
My ssister waiting for the elevators again.. She got her hair highlighted before we went, but I think it looks pretty natural.
These are the glass elevators in the lobby right when you get on the ship.  They are pretty cool.
Looking down at the piano bar from up a deck.
Me trying to hold up the ship made out of mosaics.  This was my sisters idea.
And the fish thingy that was outside of our dining room, so we got to see him everynight.
These pictures are mine and some are my sisters as well,  I combined them and took the best ones.  I like a day at sea cause there is a ton of stuff on the boat to do that gets missed when you stop in ports.  We played bingo and my sister won $300 twice!!  I never won anything, but was happy for her.


fernvalley01 said...

Beautiful ship, and sunets. You and your mom and sister look very relaxed and happy!

lisa said...

You lucky girl, I want to go on a cruise but I get motion sickness and I would be afraid that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it. I went deep sea fishing and both times I was sicker than a dog! I even get motion sick on planes but now I can take drammine a day before and during the flights and I can survive without getting sick. You sure look like you are having fun! Great pictures.

Country Gal said...

Awesome post and photos thanx for sharing your trip with all of us, looks like fun . Have a blast and safe journey !

Rising Rainbow said...

That pretty quick sculpting. I wonder if he does the same thing all the time.

The pictures of the inside of the ship are amazing. I had no idea they could be so elaborate.

When I think about cruises, I think food. Maybe that's because my friend came back from her cruise talking about nothing but the food. She said she was going to have to diet for two years to make up for all the calories she ate in ten days. LOL Sounds like my kind of food.

gowestferalwoman said...

WOW i didnt know that the size of that ship was like being inside a shopping mall - whoa!

Love the "peeking" sunset shot photo too. And your sisters hair does look natural, and shes a lucky snot for winning $600.! Hope she shared with mom at least lol!

You look great in your shorts and tan - do you still have some color left? I bet it was nice not to have to dress in layers when you went outside...