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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last fall I was posting on a comment on some lady who was looking for a horse amd I thought Dee might work for her....she wasnt wanting to spend that much and thats fine.  But while on there a lady posted she had some black paints for sale.  So I stupidly (or rather just impulsivly) asked her about them.  Well turns out they are exactly what I would be looking for if I was looking.   Which I wasnt at the time. 

Well I kept coming back to them...she finally sent me pictures...not too much white like I like.  Cow bred, quiet temperment, not too big.  Well I ciuldnt resist.  So last Monday I went to look at them.  There is a yearling and a 4 year old.  Both full sisters.  I was thinking a 2 or 3 year old but they were geldings and id prefer a mare.  She also has the 5 year old and he was broke and quiet the 6 year old was doing drill team in Rimby. 

We went and looked at the mare and she was quiet nit broke and not an in your face mare but nice.  She's from twin arrows so all cow bred...and pretty.  The sire was there too.  He is now gelded and lives with the mares all year.  Hes 18 and was a ranch horse and stud on some ranch out east then a stud on a small place before they got him.  Hes super friendly and super quiet....but they had lots of foals and she likes the arabs so she is going that way...already has some half arab paint colts and they are pretty nice.  Has a older arab stud she used to show on until she had kids.

She said she bred for temperment then confirmation then color.   He was bay.  The mare black.  And she had another couple mares as well but not related to the ones I looked at.

The older mare is halter broke good with feet and vaccinated and wormed.  The young one nothings been done with her, but shes friendly enough we walked up and scratched her so it wont be a big deal.

The older mare is named Cali....how odd but I imagine ill change it cause already had one of those around and yhats too confusing.

The younger is Trio cause she has 3 diamonds in a row on her neck.  Of course now her mane is long it covers them but the name still sticks.

Didnt get any pictures cause I stupidly forgot my camera but she sent me a couple so thats what these are.  Pretty sure they are co.ing home but not sure when.  Im kinda excited about it :)

Been a long time since ive had a young horse gonna be a little different.  


4RRanch said...

How adorable and exciting. I love working with young horses. Wish I could sell one so I could get a new one.

Country Gal said...

That's awesome oh what a cutie ! I like paints . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

lisa said...

Very nice. Good luck.

Louisa Murch-White said...

What cutiessss!!!!! Love me some paints :) Can't wait to see your progress with them - never a dull moment!

Louisa Murch-White said...
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Louisa Murch-White said...
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Cindy D. said...

Cutie Pies!!!!

cdncowgirl said...

Exciting is right! Looking forward to hearing some stories about these two :)

Shirley said...

Hey, how did I miss this post????? So you bought the yearling and the 4 yr old? I take it that the mare will be coming to the Buck clinic. Exciting indeed!