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Monday, April 10, 2017


Well I think I can actually believe its spring now!  We had water running over our road for a couple weeks, I think when we got that thaw if Feb water went in the culvert and froze and so instead of going though there it was frozen and had to go on top.  It has gone down now but wow there was a lot of water for a while.
(our road, our place on the left, Craig's on the right. 
 There was over 4 feet of water cause the fence posts were not showing at all)

(and this was at the river when the ice was going out, that's a campground there)

I got Nita in with Jess and Easy and they seem to get along OK, she is still the outsider but they aren't mean to her so I guess it will come with time.  I also got in Pally and Jax cause the grass is growing and I don't need them having issues.  Jax has a cresty neck and my farrier thinks he has foundered in the past so I'm gonna be pretty careful with him.

So now that's 5 horses in, seems like a lot but I decided I will work with 2 a day and not get stressed about it.  Easy most days (5 days a week) and the others in a row.  Its working so far, except Jax only had one small outing so far cause I have no bit for him.  I did get my harness all tried on him and I dunno, I might just go buy new nylon.  Then I can get a fun color too!
(first Easy)

(the Jess working on a challenge, 
backing 20 feet then turn on hindquarters and back to beginning. 
  Kinda annoys me I used 2 hands I didn't notice till I watched video)

I set up all kinds of weird stuff in my arena, figured until I can ride out regularly and even then this will be a change of pace.  I'm going to a couple clinics this summer, a progressive series which is mostly private lessons on whatever and a trail clinic.  Not sure who's going in the progressive series, but gonna take Easy to the Trail clinic, it should be super good for him I'm hoping to get him where I can ride him out comfortably this summer.

(eww ant hill)

Checked fence after the horses were in the pasture, haha they thought I had something special and followed me around it was cute :)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Classy Nita Lena

Well that was quick.  Went yesterday to where Jessie and Easy were thought we were gonna go riding and then last minute  I called the lady with the horse for sale if we could look.  She said sure so since it was 3 hours away I hooked up the trailer and away we went.  Took the scenic route there lol but still got there in time to see her with lots of light.  She was in a smaller pen and she was easy to catch he brought her out and looped the lead around her neck she never went anywhere.  We looked her over talked to them about what I was looking for and what they did and stuff and we decided we should try riding her.  I guess its only been 2 years since she was rode and she was an 11 year old boys horse so we kinda thought should be good but you never know.  She's shorter than expected and that's good lol, she has kinda  a long back but not crazy, she is super straight front and back, a little dip in the neck, not real pretty but generally nice looking.

(her papers)

(this morning in the fog)

He said last winter she was up and the other horses got across the creek so he jumped on her bareback to go get them and she just did it through the water and all.  Well he tied up her halter and jumped on her bareback.  He had a bit of trouble steering her she was in heat and pretty sure she should go see her gelding friend.  That took like a second and then she was fine away from him but didn't wanna leave but he climbed on her butt and stood up.  Not sure I'd do that on Jessie even lol.  We locked up her buddy and took her into the yard and saddled her up she didn't care and of course I only had curb bits so I just rode her in the halter.  She still wanted to go to her friend but less than 5 minutes I could make her go anywhere in the yard I wanted, around tires the barrel the pallet whatever.
(at my house, unsure about whats going on,
 she will settle in I think soon she doesn't seem very upset, 
quite quiet actually)

(finding out the waterer, she shares with Jess and Easy 
so that's why she's in her she can see them and they can get used to her)
(our first selfie lol she came to see what I was doing)

So we decided she's got the breeding, she's gentle enough and she is a good mother, they say she was only at the breeder 4 days last time lol.  That was her 4th foal, we saw him and he was pretty nice and so I made the deal.  She was cheaper than I planned to pay even though I still have to pay a breeding fee.  That was part of the deal but not a big part, I'd rather have the horse I want than cheap out but it helped, I'm sure if they rode her for a couple weeks they coulda doubled the price on her. We loaded her up she was fine but tried to turn around before I got the divider closed but second time around she was good.  We took the shorter route home but about an hour from home we run into thick fog it was miserable.  We sorta knew where we were going but we still missed the corner and had to go farther and find a place to turn around.  The last 4 miles to her place is gravel and that was even worse, finally got there and she offered me a place to stay over and I took it.  I had planned on driving home but not in that fog if I don't have to.  We put her in the front pen and fed her and went to bed it was late.
(Oh Jess, she loves her mud)

(Easy looking around, Jess eating)

(Easy :) )

(Easy eating)

(And I called him lol hes looking at Nita she's beside me)

This morning she had to leave early, it was still foggy but seems better in the daytime so about 10:30  I decided to head home.  I caught Easy and Jess and tied them to the trailer, wasn't sure how to load, Jess in the back and that's all I knew for sure.  Went to get Nita and she just stood there while I caught her and she loaded in the front no trouble even waited for me to close the divider.  Then Easy, he was kinda nosy trying to smell her but that's why there are dividers lol.  Then Jess in the back, she's so good just staying in while I close the door.  Got home and unloaded everyone and put Nita in her own pen for a few days then she will go with Jess and Easy and hopefully my arena will dry up and I can start riding her soon.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fingers Crossed

Well our first load of reactor cows went out today and the lady who came to make sure they were the right ones said maybe if there are no lesions we may be off quarantine by April 1st!!!  Yay.  I guess that's their year end and they wanna be done by then, so fingers are crossed they are all clean.

And in other news while sitting around in bed for 4 days is a bit boring, more so today when I am feeling a whole lot better but don't wanna do too much yet been looking online for broodmares.  I hate having a single foal so I was gonna buy a mare in foal this fall that was broke to ride as well and they could foal together and if I decide not to breed Jess back then i can use her as a riding horse.  But this time of year so many are coming up that are open and for sale now.  So far found 3 I am contemplating looking at.  Was thinking of probly selling the foal so that's also a consideration unless super nice I would keep it.  Links take you to all breed pedigree so can see breeding in bigger if you want.

First is this pretty mare, she is 17, had been mostly used as a riding horse but her last owner hung on her face something terrible so she bobs her head pretty bad, the lady said its more habit now than anything.  She has had one foal and sounds like shes built like Jessie, very stout lol.  She could come with a breeding to Eye Take Time for a small increase in price.  Foal would be super stake nominated so would probly sell easily.
(the mare)

(her foal)

(her papers, she don't look running bred lol)

Second is another sorrel mare 15 years old, not bred right now either (on purpose)  She was rode by an 11 year old but not since they had her, but they have hopped on bareback a few times and she was good.  She has had one foal as well and I would have to breed her on my own, I was debating on Hesgottabefamous at Sandy ridge cause I really like him and have wanted a foal of his for a long time even though hes a barrel horse lol.  Or else maybe Reys from Heaven probly a better match with her but that again means I would wanna keep it.
(the mare and her papers sorry its small)

(her foal)

(and again the same foal)

(I love him for some reason always have since I seen him like 6 years ago)

And third is an older bay mare, 18, she is closer lol.  Shes been used as a ranch/feedlot horse most of her life and then a broodmare.  She has a few foals, one is a proven rodeo horse even.  Shes cheaper and I would have to breed her on my own as well, not sure who I would breed to yet with her.
(her papers and pics, I haven't gotten a hold of them yet so just what I got from the add so far, and weirdly I know the breeder, she owned the stud of Bailey, small world)

So even though siting here doing nothing I am being productive sorta lol.  So far the second one is my favorite I think but I may have to go see them this week or next depending on when I have time.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring is coming

So our cows are going to the butcher not far from here, sounds like they are gonna be made into hamburgers and sold.  The butcher is paying cheap meat price and the government it making up the difference for the bred cow price.  So yes the meat will be used and that is a good thing at least.

And the fires, I can not believe that is not on the news, I just seen a bit on Facebook here last couple days what a devastation that would be.  Its hard to imagine that much fire. And I am kinda glad in a way that this TB thing isn't in the news more, news people like to share bad things and it makes all beef sound bad so the less they share the better for all the ranchers for now since they are blowing it out of proportion already.

And although they are taking 26 of our cows we are the lucky ones who get to keep the rest, there are quite a few that they just loaded up and killed every animal on their farm, I can not imagine that happening it would be so disheartening.

And the Mustache knot, its to keep tails out of mud and ropes and stuff, kinda a traditional cowboy thing.  Here's a link to it, tells about it and how to do it, I need more practice lol

Worst of all on top of all this is I still have my cold, I am gonna go to the doctor tomorrow cause its been 2 weeks and Friday and Saturday I hardly got out of bed I was feeling so awful, today I'm a bit better but I am not sure its just a cold anymore.  And its such a nice day outside I wish I could go out and do something but I think that would be unwise.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Waiting, Waiting...

We got our final figure for compensation. It will cover but none too generous.  They have killed 10,000 cattle so far and so I imagine the bills getting rather large.  Really a silly way of doing things but I'm not in charge I guess.  Neil went to a bull sale and bought 2 bulls yesterday and they will stay there until July 1st and hopefully we are off quarantine by then and can bring them home to work, or we will need to talk to these people and find out something else.

Jessie and Easy both got massages Monday from Bridgette, I won 6 free ones and so figured after Easy's leg caught episode he could use one and Jess always has a tight neck.

Jess's neck is from holding her head out when we ride she is used to using the top muscles and not the bottom ones so they are overbuilt.  She did give me an mobility exercise I should use before riding as it turns on the neurons on the lower neck muscles getting her to use it more.  She does the same with her hamstrings, uses them more than her quads, so again another exercise from there.  So I will do them every time I ride and hopefully it makes a difference.

And Easy, he was pretty good, not even anything in his armpit.  But he has a weaker muscle on his outer front leg (I can't remember what its called) and gave me an exercise to do after I ride.  And she said he holds some tension in his back so some belly lifts wouldn't hurt him.
(tried a mustache knot in Easy, did it wrong, need more practice)

She's coming back in 4 weeks to reevaluate and hopefully we will be in better shape than now.
And yesterday the farrier come and Jess got new shoes and Easy a trim.  They are not at home so the rest didn't get done till my guy comes in a week or 2.  The sun is out and the ground is melting, if only I could get rid of this nasty cold I would be out riding.  Cant wait till these 2 are home again, maybe next week :)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

More Info

So now we know dates.  The 20 and 22 they are gonna haul them away and kill them.  Just the reactors and the one traceback cow that didn't react.  One did and one didn't.  The vets even sound like they don't think any have TB but they are just doing what they are told.  And sounds like they are gonna use the meat cause it only affects the lungs....if they have it.  So that's good at least they will be somewhat useful.

And ya we are getting paid decent money for them.  More than you thought Mrs Shoes, we haven't gotten the check yet but we will before the cows come out.  So it will buy back those cows in the fall and we will just run a few less this summer.

And ya, through milk is the easiest way to get TB, that's one of the big reasons they pasteurize, and evry load of milk out of a dairy gets tested and then that's a big issue for dairies but they haven't had a case of TB in milk for a really long time, I used to work at a dairy and we could drink all the raw milk we wanted but only could sell it to people using for animals, such as calves, they are pretty picky about it, kinda annoying but I guess they gotta have rules to protect the stupid.

And as much as I woulda liked to stay home in bed it just isn't a good week for it, after helping Thursday and not feeling great then resting Friday I headed up to Stoney Plain for the tack sale up there,  didn't do as good as last fall cause it seemed like same amount of people but twice as many booths, but I still sold more than I bought so that's always a bonus!

Then last night was out Annual Homestead Coulee $1000 draw dance.  I didn't drink as I am taking cold medications but still ended up visiting till 4 in the morning.  Stupid time change, shoulda been 3 lol.  Oh well today's a rest day for me and then the ponies get a massage Monday when the weather is supposed to be so much nicer, yay!!!

Was kinda funny when I started coughing Wednesday Neil laughs and "says is it TB?" haha then last night a neighbor who helped us all week said "maybe its TB", his wife says "that's mean!"  then I told them Neil suggested the same thing and we all got a good laugh about it.   I said I'm just allergic to winter lol

Friday, March 10, 2017

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Yesterday was the day they came back and looked for reactors.  There was one blood reactor they were looking for, called her Eliza.  Not sure that was the name of the test of what.  We had 25 other cows who reacted to the injection and 2 bulls.  Sounds like they are gonna kill all them but we are not sure when.  I think they will do a tissue test on them and that takes 12 weeks to grow.  But now they are not sure whether to take them cause they are pregnant and due in a monthish or wait.  Personally it sucks either way but I think its kinder to kill the cows now then to calve them out and kill cows and calves.  But again we wait for a phone call to see what we are doing.  Oh and the LIS (Livestock inspection services) came out and read the brands on every cow, that took a bit longer than necessary but they actually were pretty quick, helps they have done it a million times.  They shaved a few but that was quick as well.

I also woke up Tuesday with a sore throat and was coughing a bit, didn't think too much of it just thought it was cause of the cold and being outside then Wednesday I was feeling worse and coughing way more so we got extra help and it's a good thing, the cows were not too keen on going back in but they were not that bad.  But ya today its worse.  And I have to go to a tack sale tomorrow.  Which I want to go to but boy do I feel horrible!  Guess its time for cold drugs and hope it gets better.  I am always paranoid about getting it in my lungs cause they are bad.

And its snowing again, can this ever end???

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TB Testing

Well yesterday was the day and boy was it a long one.  Whew we were tired.  We are not used to working outside that long in the winter time. We got out at 7:30 and I drove the feed truck and Neil and Ty rode bikes to bring them all in.  Worked pretty good even though I lost the bale part way in lol.   They got her about 8 and took a while to set up then bulls first, haha the chute was froze to the ground and its a good thing our bulls are gentle cause one got stuck.  So we just did him in the chute and backed him out.  He just stood there and waited.  The rest fit, not great for the older ones but they are kinda pushy so they made it.  Then the cows.  We tried to be careful cause they are pretty pregnant.  So we got sand/salt from the road crew and spread it in the alleyway where the cows would go.  It works quick we had liquid in not too long later.
(my view all day)

(the crew they sent)

Every animal got a vial of blood taken from under the tail, an ear tag read and written down and the number on the vial.  Then they got a injection of 0.1 ccs of TB under the skin that will either cause a reaction or not and that's what we are looking for on Thursday.  And the brand inspector is coming Thursday to read the brands on all the animals in case of a traceback needed later on.  Since we've bought cows the last couple years lots of cows have more than one brand on. I hope they are easy to read and we don't have to clip any cause that takes way longer.

(the horses were so nosy!  They came then left then came then left, it was cute)

4 people came out, the head vet, 2 other vets and an inspector.  The head vet was super good, the other 2 were not as quick, the one was just learning to take blood so that took longer.  So many records though its a bit crazy.  The worst part is we are so far out from the original herd and they are just getting ridiculous in testing now.  By the time they are done, they might as well test every cow in Canada.  Its crazy how they slacked off and now we as cattle people are paying for it.  They used to do randomtests on cows and they quit that a while ago and they shouldn't.  Its like the vaccines, don't see any disease for a while and people think vaccines are not necessary anymore......until they get a disease that hasn't been seen for 50 years.

(I tried to get a pic of him taking blood but it didnt show as good as planned.  
They have vaccuum vials and as soon as they hit blood 
they break the seal and the blood just goes in.  
Pretty quick, kinda like they do when drawing on horses 
but the tail vein instead of the jugular)

Anyways we are in the middle and I'm not mad about it but a bit frustrated.  Crazy week, everything at once, out accountant is coming today too but that will not be too bad as he was here in the fall sorta trying to organize us.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lazy Sunday

Well when I got home last night Neil said he got a text from my phone that I left it in the IGA.  So he asked her to bring it to customer service and then they phoned last night to say they had it and we asked them to keep it there until I got to town next.  But then my swimming neighbor was having supper and she saw my Facebook post and messaged me if I wanted her to pick it up so she did and I met her at the corner.  Whew, I felt so lost without it guess I better be more careful next time.

But here's the cute pics of the ponies hanging out in the shed, watching me :) And today I am doing very little cause I know will be a long day tomorrow.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

2 more rides for Easy

Well cows, They are coming Monday morning and gonna run all our cows and bulls through the chute and do the scratch test and draw blood on them and record everything with thier ear tag numbers.  Then we turn them out and they come back Thursday and look and see who has reacted, cut them into a different pen and look up their number and send the blood for testing.  Those are called reactors and I believe they will kill them as well.  However cows can react to Avian TB as well that's why the blood test.  Its gonna be a really long day and I'm hoping a lot warmer than it is today or at least less windy.

But in good news rode Easy yesterday and today and he seems fine, it will be a while till his sores heal but I buted him before we rode yesterday and not today and he seems fine.  I was worried about by his armpit where the cinch goes but it seemed fine and I made sure I cinched pretty slow.  We actually did something different, I left Jess behind and just hauled him and a friends horse and he was a perfect boy.  She was surprised thought he'd be a bit crazy but he didn't care about anything.  Jess called a bit but by the time we left the yard she just went to the shed and pouted.  Its OK I know she can handle it she just doesn't want too.  He was a bit concerned when we went in the arena but when I got on him was normal again, probly just was thinking I was gonna tie him there again. Got a cute pic of him and Jess in the shed but then left my camera in town which sucks cause probly not going back till Tuesday....how will I survive???

Thursday, March 2, 2017

What a Pain

So we got a phone call last week from CFIA asking about 2 cows we bought a couple years ago.      Well we still have them and so they made an appointment to come out and see the records and talk. Neil got them both in the other day so they are in the corral, they are not diseased they are quite fat and healthy looking. They came yesterday and spent forever asking about stuff and we are on quarantine now.  It really only affects the cows, horses and cats are free to come and go as we please.  Not sure how long its gonna take but its already a hassle.

They called back today and said they are ready to test either Monday or Wednesday so that's a good thing.  If we have no reactors we are good to go, but if there is then we have even more issues.  No reactors means no quarantine.  I think they will kill the 2 they were looking for anyways cause they want to get rid of the original herd.  But that's better than our whole herd of cows.

We don't keep calves anymore so we don't have calves from them in the herd which saves us some testing.  Although it works kinda hard for them they gotta try and track them down through the auction mart but that's not up to us anymore.

I've had Easy and Jess boarded for the last little while and so they are staying away for now at least till we know more.

***This is all how I understand if not correct I will correct it later***

Well looks like coming out Monday, he said he will bring a crew so we don't even need to get help....I wonder what kind of help his crew will be but I guess we will find out.  For now we wait.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


So I been thinking a lot about what to do with Easy.  My options are send him to Doug's and he can live there during show season, it would work but be a lot more expensive.  Or I can just pony him everywhere unless I can ride at home cause he's good to ride alone.  Or I can haul 3 and he can always have a buddy.  Or I think if I haul to Brooks and I'm alone when I ride Jess (which is most of the time there) I can just let him loose.  He's not crazy and neither is she will will work on just walk at first work our way up to trot and we will see about a lope after that.  I think he will be fine and if comes along with us just more exercise for him lol.  One thing I'm not gonna do is to tie him where there is anything he can get caught on.  I used to have an overhead tie place but we took it down cause was in the way, wonder if I can talk Neil into putting it back up somewhere....but where??
(The side scrape, looks bad but the least of our worries)

(and the front scrapes, they are the worrysome ones)

(and the swelling in the fetlock is gone down from yesterday, bad angle from the other foot tho)

I'm sure he hasn't seen hobbles and I'm not even sure that would help at this point, he can still rear and buck with them on and so not really a feasable option.  I've also talked to someone and have a calming spray but since he's kinda calm the rest of the time they figure it probly won't do much but I may try anyways.
(I like this purple one on Jess)

(not as sure about this one but I like the colorful noseband)

But today I went out there caught both and Easy was bobbing his head around like a goof not leaving just being weird.  I don't think he liked the drugs in his mouth.  I just waited and he quit and was good again for me giving them, just his way of saying he doesn't really want them I think.  But he needs them today at least, it's just bute so a painkiller for another day or so.
(our dugout is a bit full lol)

Then I finally tried on the halters Shirley made for me.  I got to get another rope for the teal one, I was using that purple rope on Easy before so that was handy.  Not sure which I will use on them but they are nice.

I just gooped up tails and brushed them and manes out today and that was about it.  Sun was shining and it was warm in the truck but still felt cold outside.  Tomorrow is another day have to see what I can come up with to do then lol.  I'm not very good at doing not riding stuff.  And I feel bad just giving his drugs and leaving.

Monday, February 27, 2017

OH Easy

Well I hauled Jess and Easy over and picked up a friend and her horse and headed to Michelson's on Saturday.  Rode Jess first and she rode her colt.  She's been working in the round pen then out to the big pen and she asked us to help keep her filly to the outside cause she doesn't have much steering yet.  One way shes really good the other she just wants to move in.  Jess wasn't overly enthusiastic about this she was OK right beside her but didn't want to bump her to get her to the outside.  But she tried.  Which made me laugh cause she has the grouchy ears down pat, but again she's all show lol.  Easy was actually not too bad tied in there and I thought we were making progress.  I rode him after and she cooled out Jess who is a giant after a 2 year old lol.  He was good we even loped a couple laps with his tiny rocking horse lope.  Haha he's so funny.

Then thought might as well go Sunday too so we did.  I left the horses at her place overnight and so went and picked up everyone and headed to the arena. I rode Easy first and he was good and then we thought he should help with the colt well he did not think that was a good idea and tried to kick out at her, not allowed ever!  So I gave him a big thump in the ribs with my spur and he hardly even moved.  But never tried that again and the colt actually stayed away from him lol.  Then it was Jess turn and when I tied him up he was being silly again and I just been ignoring it.  I was almost done thinking I should grab Easy and try ponying him in the arena for a bit.  Well before I got the chance he reared up and got his foot over the kick boards and stuck.  Oh crap!  I leaped of Jess and ran over there.  He tried getting it out and was tired actually sitting on his butt foot still stuck.  I tried to help but I can't lift him out.  He jumped up and got himself out, whew.  Heart attack moment.  He was pretty sore and figured we maybe should take him to get looked at just in case.

So we loaded up, called the vet clinic and she met us there.  He was walking a little better but still pretty sore.  He was already swollen under the armpit and a couple scrapes on his leg.  She said he looked like hes gonna be OK but watch him for extra swelling especially in the lower leg.  She gave him a long acting antibiotic (excenell, which I never knew they used for horses we have used it on cows tho) and a shot of Methocarbamol (which is a muscle relaxant like robaxacet) and shot of bute for pain.  Oh and she washed his leg and clipped around the scratches and put ointment on them.  She sent me home with 4 days of oral bute (apple flavor lol)  and a day of oral methocabamol.   And of course on a Sunday...seriously horses why not a weekday???

I finally got home last night at 10:30 and I was exhausted.  Didn't sleep very well but this morning the swelling under armpit is pretty much gone, no heat and he's walking good. There is a little swelling at fetlock but that's where he was caught so not a surprise.  I gave him his drugs and he was good about them.  He is supposed to be off 7 days so there's 1.  I may not do 5 days of bute will see how it goes.  I don't like to give more than he needs.  Maybe try pony him at a walk Friday or Saturday.

This puts me behind but what do I do.  I don't know what to do with him now.  I may just have to pony him and then ride him and pony Jess on opposite days.  They are both broke so that will work easier than trying to haul 3 so he has someone to stand beside.  I have no idea what to do to help him either.  It sucks.

Friday, February 24, 2017

This Week

Most weeks around here are pretty boring.  I like it that way.  I been going swimming on Tuesdays with a neighbor. I really enjoy that.  I never knew her very well but I like her and it gets me out and being social which is always a good thing.  And we go for lunch afterwards and I like to eat so that's good lol. And I started walking,  been nice enough out for that too, I sure love it when it gets warmer out.

 This week I was on my way home and saw a neighbor had a couple calves on the road.  It was right across from her house and I felt a bit dumb but I told her about them anyways.  And turns out it was a good thing cause she was 2 hours away.  So I turned around and put them in and fixed the gate.   Of course the day they get out she's not home...cows.

And since I got Easy in I figured I had better ride him since that was the plan.  So yesterday I loaded Jess and him and then turned out Razz.  I know I am better when there is only 2, I can lead them together and I get tired after riding 2 so having 3 in is just more work and I do it less.  When hauling anyways, at home not as big a deal.
(in the arena, they were washing bulls in the wash rack that's what hes looking at)

(he's so cute!  Even with sticks in his tail)

(and Jess is so big lol)

Got my arena membership and I'm good to go till October.  I did a good brushing, made sure no sore spots or anything on Easy and saddled up.  I was gonna pony him but he doesn't know how yet so I just closed the gates and let him loose.  He just followed me around wondering what I was doing lol.

So OK, I guess hes not gonna be silly so I got on and we walked and trotted, maybe 20 minutes total.  Was so nice to be on him again, he's a lot narrower and shorter than Jess :)  I actually even got on from the ground!  Yay now I can really get to riding him.   I plan on going this afternoon as well.  I'd like to ride at least 4 days a week, even though Doug told me 5 or preferably 6 days a week, we may get there when I can ride at home again.  Easy actually looked sad when I got off him so quick :)
(he's so different than Jess, thinner neck and higher head)

Then since I know he has alone issues I tied him in the big arena and went to get Jess.  Well I had closed the gates earlier between them so I figured I should open them and that took us out of his sight well the noise began.  I'm amazed how he can buck and rear while tied up and not pull the rope tight.  Quite a talent lol.  I had Jess ride around and we went towards him when he was quiet and away when he was bad.  She figured it out pretty quick.  I rode her though all speeds.  She likes to go really fast when we lope there cause we have barrel raced there and its a big arena.  So we worked on her slowing down while still loping.  And I tried your trick Mrs Shoes about using my seat to break into the lope it worked well.  I used the regular amount of legs and we did it!  first try!  She got pretty sweaty, I'm thinking I may need to break out the clippers for her at least to a trace clip and then could blanket if I need too.  We will see, I kinda wanna avoid shedding season lol I'm tired of breathing fur already.
(wasn't gonna include this video cause it was for the challenge, 
 but you can see Easy in the background being a dork)

Afterwards I gave them both a good grooming and did some stretches with Jess, I need to get some dots so I can see where her bones are and if they match up.  In a few weeks gonna go get them both a massage, maybe after a lesson and so I can find out what I'm doing for the summer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2017 Sedgewick Cutter Rally

I had never been to Sedgewick before, it's just down the road 10k from Killam and I had been there but never East.  But I know how far it was and they had a cutter rally and so I thought I'd go.  It was a nice day, not a lot of snow left here but they are north and so I figured a bit more there an no one said anything about it cancelled so off I went.

Kinda  a boring straight road up there, its straight north of here so 2 hours of the same old same old.  Eventually get into a few more trees and not too far north is all farm land so just keep looking out for cows and horses and its keeps it sorta interesting.  Said registration at 11 and hooking up at 11:30 and parade at noon.  Wasn't sure what that was about but figured I'd best get there at 11.  So I did and I saddled Jess then registered and they give everyone a number that we had to attach and I clipped mine to the breastcollar and it actually stayed put well.

Seemed like it took forever for everyone to get ready to go and they all had a practice run around the parking lot area and finally time to go.  We figured as riders we would be in the back and so we waited.  I guess they have spectators and so we made 2 laps around the track in a parade for them then headed out on the trail.  It was a bit different than most years cause the cutters need to stay on the snow so they made a different trail wherever there was snow.

When we got done the girls I was riding with decided I drove too far for that short ride so we took a tour through the parking lot and out by the new town office and the shops and the driving range.  Not too many cutter rallies do we end up on the road but it was good.  The one girls horse hadn't seen cutters or bells before and so he was a bit worried but calmed down as soon as we went the other way.   So perfect end for him too.

They had awards/prizes and lunch afterwards and I got the prize for being farthest away lol.  It was a bag of oats, last thing I need but I will use it.  Totally plan on going there again next year.  Maybe with Jax and skis for his cart.