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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Summer Roundup

I have been a bad blogger this summer, so much going on and I tried to post lots but seemed as though it never happened as much as I wanted.  So here is a quick roundup of all I did this summer.

(We had the junk haulers here and they hauled away our old combine 
and a whole bunch of other steel stuff we had just cluttering 
up our bull pasture.)

(I had a bunch of flowers grown, lilies are my favorites)

(I did lots of riding, mostly on Jessie and Bailey but a few rides on Kali as well, cause
  I really wanted to sell some horses (another post altogether) 
Rode a few times at night even under the harvest moon)

(Did a bunch of touring around, both with family and Neil and by myself, the little church in Drum and the vine covered dino and the new one on the scooter, this guy made me laugh he looked at him from all directions)

(Jessie was at the trainer for a while and then we went to a show and it was much better, I did not feel defeated at the end of the show at least.)

All In All it was a pretty cool summer and even though everything I wanted to get done did not get done, I am happy with all I did.  But am so not ready for winter to come, I am already cold and don't wanna be this way for another 6 months.  This week I am up at the Supreme in Red Deer most of the week, got some pics from Monday and Tuesday but will save them for a whole post.  Pretty excited to meet up with Shirley and Sherry there too.


5 Starr's Farm said...

I'm not ready for winter ether, hoping for a really long Fall. Wish I could get JS to have the junk man haul off the old mowers and such. You didn't have time to blog because you days were full.

Country Gal said...

Me either am I ready for winter . This fall weather we have been having is wonderful warm sunny days cool nights and mornings . Nice photos . The ride under the harvest moon must of been wonderful . Hey life gets busy . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

lisa said...

I wish I could get the hubby to do some outside purging! We did get rid of some of our old trucks. I know how you feel about blogging. Now that I am back in school, I find it very hard to take time to do blogging when all I want to do is homework.
I am not ready for winter either. I have lots to do before the dreaded snow flies or the really cold weather comes.

Shirley said...

Nice to get the old junk cleaned up!
Hey, blogging comes second place to riding and family. Nice that you are continuing to show, next year should be even better.
Looks like Sherry won't make it to the Supreme, she has a family function on Saturday.

fernvalley01 said...

I slipped on blogging too this summer. I just lost m groove somehow. Not going to make the Supreme after all, sorry I really wish I could.

cheyenne jones said...

Me too, been really poor on the blogging this year, must try harder.