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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cowboying in The Hills

I called a friend and asked if they were gonna put on the ladies trail ride this year like they did last year and she didn't know cause it was getting late and who knows if it was gonna be too cold and everyone is starting to wean and her cousin was getting married.  But she said she was moving cows in a few days if I wanted to help.  So I said of course!  I like riding with other people and it gets boring by myself.

So I headed over there and their truck was missing some studs on the tire so they didn't wanna use it (and I don't blame them I wouldn't either) so we used mine.  I got them to drive over their cause I had never been there and it I was glad cause it was a confusing way and there was a really steep hill and they were in the middle of spreading gravel on and it was kinda deep but we made it all right and we were there.  When we got to the bottom of the hill I was thinking I had been there before, a couple years ago I moved cows for another guy down into that pasture. Small world, lol.

Anyways this is in the wintering hills and it was hills and more hills and in all the low spots were trees and bogs.  And steep hills.  Did I mention hills.  It was only half section but wow I was sure glad of that.  We started out and thought we saw a couple calves in the trees so S rode down and they weren't moving and he was on a young horse so he got M to go down and hold his horse while he walked through the trees and got them out of there, I think they thought they were hiding cause they didn't move till he got pretty close.  I never brought my camera but tried to get a few pics by cell phone.  Even though its hard to tell in pics how steep it is.

The we kinda parted ways to try and gather them to the far north west corner where the gate was.  I ended up going up a super steep hill following cows and the cows did not want to go down the hill just up.  I went up on the one hill and saw cows down in the trees so I went back down and in the trees and got them out and was pushing cows down the hill and across the bog when they brought more cows and we really had to push the cows across they did not want to cross.

We headed farther and another crossing but it was kinda dammed up and not too bad and then up a hill across a rare flat spot and out the gate.  Then it was a couple miles home pretty well straight and on flat ground.  They sure traveled good after we got out of the bush.  I learned a lot of appreciation for cowboys who work in brush and trees, I sure like my flat prairie after that (and so did Jessie)  She was awesome in the trees, walked though them like a champ even stepping over dead-fall up to her knees and wasn't worried about it at all, but sure did not like the boggy areas and neither do I do I don't blame her.  But I was glad she is not a jumper, she just calmly walked through it, a little fast sometimes but not crazy, I was so happy with her that day :)

I did map my run on it too and here is the link to it, I am sure having fun with that app.


Shirley said...

Sounds like a good kind of day! I laughed when I saw the pic with Jessie and her ears pinned at that cow. Good girl!

lisa said...

What a wonderful day! It is always a good feeling when you can help out a friend and enjoy yourself in the process!

fernvalley01 said...

looks like a lovely area, I like the hills and brush, don't even mind a peat bog or two as long as they aren't too deep. But your prarie sounds beautiful