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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ponies, Winter Plans, Renovations and Ramblings

So this summer I kinda had a goal to sell some ponies and to get to more cutting shows, well things change.  Although I did sell Jazz and Magic, still have a couple more to go.  I am now down to 6 and really think about 4 is where I should be for being able to use them all.  I really only need 2 maybe 3 to ride, I would think 2 unless one gets hurt or something then I need a third I would hate to not be able to ride cause I have no ponies.  So I am thinking sell Bailey and Kali, although that leaves me with Jessie and Razz and Belle and Disco, which doesn't seem quite right cause I hardly ride Disco although I could even though she's old and hardly (if ever) been rode outside.  And then Jessie, its not working out like I planned, not sure what to do with her, she is a super nice horse, was never my favorite, but that don't mean anything but we just can't seem to get it together.  I still gotta decide about her, if I put her in more training or maybe sell her and get a horse I can go win on.  I have 2 neighbors who are interested in Bailey, the one I am sure she will love her if I can every get her over here to try her.  and the other wants a back up ranch horse but wants her able to one hand...hence the bit change.  I think both would do good with her and at least she would get used more than she is here.

I'm trying to decide if I should just turn out Jessie for the winter or board her and keep taking lessons and going to winter shows....of course this depends on me keeping her or not.  I would like to board for a while cause I want to get a bit on Bailey but I want to do it when I have a chance to ride her lots of days in a row with it, so I think if I board I can ride pretty well every day and get her used to it, I doubt it will be an  issue but she does get a little pushy with the snaffle and I wanna get her soft again in it before moving up to something else.  I also wanna get a 2 rein on Razz and since she has had the whole summer off I need to do something with her.  But the ground in the arena I been boarding at isn't that great and so its a hard choice.  I kinda wanna just leave ponies turned out all winter but I am afraid I will go crazy if I don't do something all winter.

I also wanna do some renovations to our house (if I can get my hubby on board) but I also want someone to come look at what I am planning and tell me if its doable or I am just crazy.  It seems to work in my mind but sometimes its not practical, lol.  I really want to move the bathroom in the spare bedroom and also put the washer and dryer in there, then can expand our kitchen to where the bathroom was and expand the bedroom to where the laundry room was.  That will mean we won't have a spare room anymore, but we could either put a room in the basement (there is lots of space down there) or build  separate building like a mini cabin with a bedroom and bathroom in it.  I guess if I do that it would keep me occupied most of winter and I shouldn't be bored,  I will certainly need some help with some of it cause I am not a plumber, have done a bunch of stuff but certainly not gonna be building cupboards either.  And a couple walls will need to come down and I wanna make sure they are not important.  I am also thinking we have a half wall by one kitchen counter and thinking making it  into a breakfast bar would be cool.  So many ideas going around in my mind, I should draw some up and see if it will work how I envision it.


CDH said...

You go for the home renovations girl! I don't know if you watch the DIY shows on TV, but they do some amazing stuff!
If you have personality issues with one of your horses, that would be the first one I would get rid of. We have a horse here that bucks only one person off ALWAYS! He does nothing different then anyone else when they ride him. They just don't mesh with each other and never will.

lisa said...

I hated to get the two ponies that I got because with my lifestyle, I find it hard to get the time put in with the two horses I have. Hopefully once school gets out it will be better. It would be pretty neat to redo the house. If you do you will have to keep us informed! I bet it is hard to get rid of any of your horses.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like if you get your projects underway you wont have time to ride!

Shirley said...

It's a tough decision to sell horses, but if you don't think Jessie will be competitive enough for you, then maybe you should start hunting for a new prospect. After watching the cutting at the Supreme, it looks like a High Brow Cat or Peptoboonsmal bred horse is the way to go if you want to win. Not that the other horses can't do the job, it's just that those horses are so stylish that they are hard to beat.
I'm all for renovations, we have done lots of that over the years at the different places we've lived- I think every single place we lived, we renovated. It's a lot of work but the end results are so worth it.