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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogger Trail Ride-The Way Home

Me and Charlene were gonna stay overnight on Sunday and maybe go fro a short ride then head home, but since it was a radio controlled road, and the logging trucks would be coming up Monday morning, we decided to head out Sunday night. Also it started raining as we left, so I think it was the right choice.

Charlene took some pictures on the way out, most are through the windshield, so they are kinda rain spotted.

The mountains look so different in the rain and fog than they do in the sunshine.

Still we took lots of pictures cause we knew we were gonna leave them behind.

The river we crossed like 3 times was so pretty, so different than the Red Deer River!

The fog and clouds were so weird in certain spots that they almost looked like smoke from a fire.

The river flowed into a dam where they were making power.

We went through the sawmill town and finally back onto the pavement after an hour and a half(we only went 50 kms!)

We went through the town of Frank and I told Charlene the story of the Frank Slide which she had never heard before.

We phoned around to everyone and finally got a hold of someone from the Claresholm Agriplex and kept our horses there overnight so we could go shopping on Monday since Charlene never had to work. We had a shower which was awesome! and the next morning fed the ponies and then went to Frontier Western wear and all I bought was a hat (which Eeyore is modeling for me, lol)

Charlene ended up getting a pair of Boulet boots there. We went and rode in the outdoor arena there and headed up the road for home. We saw the Cowboy Country Clothing store in Nanton and stopped there and Charlene found an pair of spurs she had been looking for forever, then since it was going so fast, we stopped at K&K Livestock in Strathmore (our regular tack store) and they had like 5 used Vic Bennett saddles! usually its hard to find a used one and they had one Charlene loved and it fit her and Ricky (we had him there so we tried it out) and so she went home and convinced Mike to let her get it early (she was gonna get it at Christmas with her bonus from work) so she went last night to pick it up, what a lucky girl but I am glad she got it, cause I woulda been awfully tempted otherwise and I really cant afford it this year but it was soo nice.

I just had to include the pic of Fly for CCC (and her cowboy!)

Ive been trying to figure out how to schedule posts and its not working, can anyone help?


Kate said...

Love that Fly! And thanks for all the beautiful scenery!

To schedule posts - there's a line called Post Options that appears outside the text box when you're working on a post - you can alter the date and time in there, and then when you hit publish the post will appear at the date and time indicated. I had trouble figuring this out too - the Post Options thingie is easy to miss.

fernvalley01 said...

Fly is gorgeous!and what luck to find a used Vic Bennet! I haven't seen on in years.People tend to hang on to them

CCC said...

I scheduled two and they both worked. Now I'm an expert (ha, ha). Kate has it right.

Fly, oh my!

and Hey that looks just like my favorite old hat that I threw to get the bull out of the bushes the day I thought I broke my hand. You'll love it, it was the best hat I ever had and that palm leaf is tough and doesn't mind getting soaked. And the rounded brim, one time having to wait in a rain storm it held the water then I could dump it out when I tipped my head down. Great Hat!

Janice said...

Nice hat and man that foal is FLY!!!!

Cheyenne said...

Fly is a beauty!

Sounds like you guys had a blast...nice hat!

Shirley said...

I love the hat too. Glad you made it to Claresholm and got to go shopping. Great find on the saddle too, and cool that Ricky was there for Charlene to try it out on him.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great trip home! You got to do so much...riding, shopping, and even a shower! hehe!
Love that hat! Funny what CCC said. If you were ever stranded without water and it rained, you could just harvest water with your new hat. lol!

Fly is one handsome young fella!