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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh My!

Well the last few days have been busy again, I went up to Red Deer to watch Jardi and the two girls she is coaching.

We went to McDonald's for lunch and the girls wanted to pose with Ronald.

Then she got her picture with Clay Webster, and he pushed her horses ears forward cause she wouldn't do it on her own, lol.

The one girl got a National championship in the youth reining and the 14-18 reining,

And the other girl got a national championship in 13 and under reining, so that's all good for them.

Her Buckle was beautiful!

Her horse was so tired, she didn't even care about the ribbons, lol.

This horse had such a neat brand I needed a picture.

Jardi got DQ'd on Tuesday for some unknown reason, she said she never went off pattern and her equipment was legal, so who knows. And Friday, Shaken wouldn't do his lead change and so when he finally did she missed the small circle and she did the large on instead so she went off pattern. Kinda frustrating for her though. Here he is spinning.

Today was the Hayes Brothers Sale.

I bought Razz up there last year and I sure like her, but no money to buy a horse this year, but there were some pretty nice ones though. I did like that buckskin mare though.

Quite a few of the horses were started chasing the squeaky cow.

While we were there I got a message Neil got hurt while moving cows and was in the Drum hospital, but was gonna be alright. Our neighbor took him in and was waiting on him being released, so I headed home and he has a concussion/whiplash and has to be with someone for a while, so that's good. Except he cant go golfing today or tomorrow, but I don't think he will feel like it either. Since I got a ride up there with CCC and her cowboy, we interrupted their sale as well and they drove me home and we stopped to see their colt and I got this one between Razz and Jazz, kinda thought it was cool.


fernvalley01 said...

Glad your hubby is going to be ok! Nice busy couple of days. And great pics

Linda said...

Sorry to hear about Neil, especially the part about him NOT being able to golf. I noticed you guys had left early.

CCC said...

Nice horses, icky lady picture. Sure glad Neil is OK.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love that last photo. Nice to put faces to names, too. CCC is one nice lady. I still need to thank her for the thoughtful e-mail she sent to me after I wrote to her on her blog recently :)

Those first two photos cracked me up. I'm so glad that Ronald statues are still around. I hope future generations can cuddle up beside Ronald. (Hey! You could have used Ronald for your statue Sunday Stills post)

Wow! That buckle is so blingy gorgeous!
Ok....whew. I'm finally caught up over here.